Buying a Sari

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Today we have Sharmistha demonstrating for us what it might be like trying to buy a Sari.  Here is the dialog:

Aap ek saari kee dukaan mein saari kharidne jaate hain:

(You go to buy a saari in a saari shop:)

Dukaandaar: namaste, kahiye main aapki kyaa sevaa kar saktaa hoon?

(Shopkeeper: namaste, how may I help you?)

Aap: namaste, jee mujhey ek reshmi saari dikhaiye.

(You: namaste, please show me a silk saari.)

Dukaandaar: jee zaroor. Yah dekhiye, iska rang kitna sundar hai!

(Shopkeeper: Oh sure, look at this one, the color is so beautiful!)

Aap: haan bahut sundar hai. Kitne ki hai?

(You: yes, it is beautiful, how much it is for?)

Dukaandaar: jee sirf teen hazaar rupaye.

(Shopkeeper: It’s Rupees Three thousand only. )

Aap: kuchh mahangi hai, is se kam mein kuchh dikhaiye.

(You: It’s a little expensive, please show me something cheaper.)

Dukaandaar: Kyon naheen, yah dekhiye, yah bootidaar hai.

(Shopkeeper: Why not, look at this one, this is printed.)

Aap: Wah, yah to bahut sundar hai, yah kitne ki hai?

(You: Wow, this is beautiful! How much is this for?)

Dukaandaar: jee pandrah sau rupaye.

(Shopkeeper: Rupees fifteen hundred only)

Aap: Thheek hai, aap isey pack kar deejiye.

(You: O.K. please pack it for me.)


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