Recent Past tense or Past Imminent आसन्न भूतकाल (Aasann Bhootkaal)

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Aasann Bhootkaal represents an act that has taken place in the immediate past. It is formed by adding the symbols of present tense to the verb forms of samanya bhoot kaal. We add है(hai), हैं(hain), हो(ho), or हूँ (hoon) to the verb forms as in samanya bhoot kaal (Past Indefinite tense).

In this tense also, the intransitive verb agrees with the object and is always followed by ने.


I’m gone
मैं चला/चली हूँ
Main chala/chali hoon

We have gone
हम  चले/चली है
Hum  chale/chali hai

You are gone (informal)
तुम चला/चली हो
Tum chala/chali ho

You are gone (formal)
आप चले हैं
Aap chale hain

He/She/It has gone
यह/वह चला/चली है
Yah/Vah chala/chali hai

These/They have gone
ये चले है
Ye chale hai

Those have gone
वे चले हैं
Ve chale hain

More examples:-

Ram has come there
राम वहाँ आया है
Ram vahan aaya hai

Sita has gone home
सीता घर गयी है
Sita ghar gayi hai

I wake up late
मैं देर से जागता हूँ
Main deer se jagtha hoon

Father has brought some fruits from the market.
पिताजी बाज़ार से कुछ फल लाये हैं
Pitaaji baazar se kuch phal laye hain

Aleena has gone to Delaware only yesterday.
अलीना कल ही डेलवेर गयी है
Aleena kal hi Delaware gayi hai

We have never been to New York.
हम न्यूयोर्क कभी नहीं गये हैं
Hum Newyork kabhi nahin gaye hain

I have seen this picture
मैने यह तस्वीर देखी है
Maine yah tasveer dekhi hai

Have you read this book?
क्या आपने यह किताब पढ़ी है?
Kya aapne yah kitab padhi hai

Have you seen Delhi?
क्या आपने दिल्ली देखा है?
Kya aapne dilli dekha hai?

Where have these students come from?
ये छात्र कहाँ से आए हैं
Ye chatr kahan se aaye hain

They drink tea in the morning
वे सबेरे चाय पीते है
Ve sabere chaay peethe hai

I have studied in this college for two years.
मैने दो साल इस कॉलेज में अध्ययन किया है
Maine do saal iss callage mein adhyayan kiya hai

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