Past Continuous or Past Progressive – अपूर्ण भूतकाल (Apurn Bhootkaal)

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Apurn Bhootkaal refers to an action that was happening in the past and there is no information regarding its completion. It is formed by adding ता था (ta tha) or रहा था (raha tha) to the verb root in masculine singular, ते थे (te the) or रहे थे (rahe the) to the verb root in masculine plural, ती थी (ti thi) or रही थी (rahi thi) to the verb root in feminine singular, and ती थीं (ti thim) or रही थीं (rahi thim) to the verb root in feminine plural.


चलता था (chaltha tha), चलते थे (chalthe the), चलती थी (chalthi thi), चलती थीं (chalthi thim) 

चल रहा था (chal raha tha), चल रहे थे (chal rahe the), चल रही थी (chal rahi thi), चल रही थीं (chal rahi thim)

I was writing a letter (m.sin.)
मैं खत लिख रहा था
Main khat likh raha tha

I was reading a book (f. sin.)
मैं एक किताब पढ़ रही थी
Main ek kitab padh rahi thi

We were going to the market in the evening. (
हम शाम को बाज़ार जा रहे थे
Hum shaam ko bazaar ja rahe the

Mother was making bread.
माँ रोटी बना रही थी
Maa roti bana rahi thi

The girls were playing football in the ground.(f. pl.)
लड़कियाँ मैदान मे गेंद खेल रही थीं
ladkiyam maidan me gend khel rahi thim

Whose song were you listening to?
आप किसका गाना सुन रही थीं
Aap kiska gaana sun rahi thim

It was raining last evening.
कल शाम को बारिश हो रही थी
kal shaam ko baarish ho rahi thi

The farmer was ploughing his field in the morning.
किसान सुबह अपने खेत जोत रहा था
Kisaan subah apne khet jot raha tha

Who were making noise in the class?
कक्षा में कौन शोर मचा रहे थे?
kaksha mein kaun shor macha rahe the?

They were working all day.
वे पूरे दिन काम कर रहे थे
Veh pure din kaam kar rahe the

What were you doing at 7.30 last night?
आप पिछले रात सादे सात को क्या कर रहे थे?
aap pichale raat sade saath ko kya kar rahe the?

I was eating dinner when the phone rang.
जब फोन बजा तो मैं रात का खाना खा रही थी
jab phone baja to main raat ka khana kha rahi thi

Was your mother cooking all night?
क्या तुम्हारी माँ सारी रात खाना पका रही थी
Kya tumhari maa sari raat khana paka rahi thi


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