Past Tense without ne

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Part 1: Explanation

Often you will need to use a sentence in Past tense when you want to state some past incident. This has a general format. We can divide them in two parts one with “Ne/ ने” format and another one is without that. You can use the “Ne/ने” format with transitive verbs and you can’t with intransitive verbs. Intransitive verbs do their action to the subject of the sentence. For example “I went.” it is the subject “I’ that “went”, not something else.

For example:-

Ravi was so hungry.
रवि बहुत भूखा था।

Here we are not adding after “Ravi” and we are adding “था” to make it past.

Part 2: Examples

Let us see some examples and you might need a verb list to understand them.

Verb list for you:

चलना=To walk
होना=To be
आना=To come
शोना=To sleep
कूदना=To jump
जाना=To go
Sentences :

1)Tarun brought a doll for his daughter.
तरुण अपनी बेटी के लिए एक गुड़िया लाया.
2)I was at the office.
मैं कार्यालय में था.
3)He was hungry.
वह भूखा था.
4)They came at 5 PM.
वे पाँच बजे आया .
5)He is a good man.
वह एक अच्छा आदमी है.
6)Bikash didn’t sleep well.
बिकाश अच्छे से शोया नही था
7)I was happy for you.
मैं आपके लिये खुश था
8)Lata’s father was a good man.
लता के पिता एक अच्छे आदमी थे.
9)Rahul was a good student in his childhood.
राहुल उसके बचपन में एक अच्छा विद्यार्थी था.
10)He was so sad after the match.
खेल के बाद वह बहुत दुखी था .

Part 3:  Quiz

Now it is your time to practice.  I will tell you a sentence in Hindi and give you a little time to think of the answer before I tell you.

Hindi -> English

1)वह एक अच्छा आदमी नहीं था ।

If you said “He was not a good man” you are correct.

2)राम बीमार था ।

If you said ” Ram was ill ” you are correct.

3)कमरा साफ था ।

If you said “The room was clean ” you are correct.

Now try to think of the Hindi translation for these English sentences:

English ->Hindi

  1. I convinced him to go out.

If you said ” मैं उसके बाहर जाने के लिए राजी कर लिया। ” you are correct.

  1. Everyone was angry.

If you said “ सभी लोग गुस्से में थे । “ you are correct

  1. I was happy with you.

If you said ” मैं आपके साथ खुश था। ” you are correct

Now you know how to make a sentence in past tense without the “Ne” format.

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