Future Tense – भविष्यतकाल (Bhavishyatkaal)

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Bhavishyatkaal refers to an action that will happen in the future. There are two types of Bhavishyatkaal in Hindi. They are:

1. Future Indefinite  – सामान्य भविष्यतकाल (Samanya Bhavishyatkaal ) 
2. Future Conditional or Doubtful – संभाव्य भविष्यतकाल  (Sambhavya Bhavishyatkaal)

Future Indefinite  – सामान्य भविष्यतकाल (Samanya Bhavishyatkaal)

Samanya Bhavishyatkaal refers to a statement that a certain thing will happen.

This Tense is formed by adding एगा (yegaa) for masculine singular, एगी (egee) for feminine singular, एँगी (engi) for feminine plural, एँगे (enge) for masculine plural, उँगा (unga) for Ist person masculine, उंगी (ungi) for Ist person feminine, ओगे (oge) for Tum singular, and ओगी (ogi) for Tum feminine to the verb root.

Sandy will come tomorrow.
सॅंडी कल शाम को आएगी
Sandy kal shaam ko ayegi

He will go back today night.
वे आज रात को लौट जाएँगे
Ve aaj raat ko laut jayenge

Girls will dance
लड़कियाँ नाचेंगी
Ladkiyam nachengi

I will also sing a song.
मैं भी एक गीत गाऊँगा/गाऊंगी
Main bhi ek geet gaoonga/gaoongi

Will you come with me?
तुम मेरे साथ आओगे?
Tum mere saath aoge?

We will go with you.
हम तुम्हारे साथ चलेंगे
Hum tumhare saath chalenge

What will they do ?
वे क्या करेंगे?
Ve kya karenge?

When will she come ?
वह कब आएगी?
Vah kab aayegi?

Will the king do such a thing ?
राजा ऐसा करेगा?
Raja aisa karega?

As long as I live, I will

take care of you.

मैं जब तक जीती रहूंगी, तुम्हारी सेवा करूँगी
Main jab tak jiti rahoongi, tumhari seva karoongi

There must be some

reason for the delay.

देरी होने का कोई कारण तो होगा
Deri hone ka koi karan to hoga

He will be in the house.
वह घर में होगा
Vah ghar mein hoga


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