Future Conditional or Doubtful – संभाव्य भविष्यतकाल (Sambhavya Bhavishyatkaal)

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It may express a condition, or a possibility, or a wish or an interrogation, or an order, a permission, a supposition or a doubt.

This Tense is formed from the stem of the Verb, with the additional endings given using य (ya), ऐ(ai), ए (ye), or एँ (yem).

e.g. जाय (jaay), जाएँ (jaayem), चले(chale), चलें (chalem)

How shall we do it?
हम कैसे करे?
Hum kaise kare?

Shall I speak?
मैं कहूँ?
Main kahun?

May God bless us!
ईशवार हमारी रक्षा करे
Eashwar hamari raksha kare

May it rain today (wish)
आज शायद पानी बरसे
Aaj shayad paani barase

When he arrives, let me know.
जब वह आए तो मुझे खबर दें
jab vah aaye to mujhe khabar dem

I do not wish that his progress be hindered.
मैं नहीं चाहता की उसकी उन्नति रुख़ जाये
Main nahin chahata ki uski unnati rukh jaye

If I get (it), I will give (it to you).
मिलें तो मैं दूँ
Milen to main dun

How can I leave you alone?
हम तुम्हे अकले कैसे छोड़ दें
Hum tumhe akale kaise chod den

I desire that my son may become illustrious.
मैं चाहता हूँ की पुत्र यशस्वी हो
Main chahta hoon ki putr yashasvi ho

Let not Thomsun go home today!
आज टॉम्सन घर ना जाए
aaj Thomsun ghar na jaye

Who knows when the doctor will come?
कौन जाने डॉक्टर कब आएँगे?
Kaun jane doctor kab aayenge?

Tell Gopal to get a glass of water.
गोपाल से कहो की वह एक गिलास पानी लाए
Gopal se kaho ki vah ek gilas paani laye

If they give me Rs.500, I shall do this work.
अगर वे पाँच सौ रुपया दें, तो मैं यह काम करूँगा
Agar ve paanch sau rupaya den, to main yah kaam karunga


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