How We Feel – Part 1

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Lesson 1

Part 1: Explanation

Often you will need to use a sentence about how you feel. For example:"I feel tired." "he is angry" .In this lesson we will learn how to express that a person feels , through several examples and it will  also increase your Hindi stock of words. We can divide them in two parts one simple format and another is a question format. For example.

I am angry.

मैं नाराज़ हूँ.

मैं =I


हूँ= Am (be verb)

Part 2: Examples

Let us see some examples .

1) I am hungry.

मैं भूखा हूँ । Or मुझे भूख लगी है।

2) My son is ill.

मेरा बेटा बीमार है।

3) They are worried.

वे चिंतित हैं।

4) The students are nervous.

छात्र परेशान है ।

5) The parents are happy for their son.

माता पिता अपने बेटे के लिए खुश हैं ।

6) This man is angry about the damage to his car.

यह आदमी अपनी कार के नुकसान के बारे में गुस्सा है ।

7) He is ill.

वह बीमार है ।

8) Ratan is so hungry.

रतन बहुत भूखा हे. Or रतन को बहुत भूख लगी है ।

9) Pradip is worried.

प्रदीप चिंतित है ।

10) I am angry with you.

मैं आपसे / तुमसे नाराज़ हूँ।

11) Hiten is so lonely.

हितेन कितना अकेला है ।

12) This is so funny.

यह बहुत ही मज़ेदार है ।

13) I don’t envy my colleagues.

मैं अपने साथियों/ सहयोगियों को ईर्ष्या नही करना हू ।

14) I am surprised seeing your progress.

मैं आपकी प्रगति देखकर आश्चर्य / हैरान हूँ ।

15) Ravi believes me.

रवि मुझे विश्वास करता है ।

Part 3:  Quiz

Now it is your time to practice.  I will tell you a sentence in Hindi and give you a little time to think of the answer before I tell you.

Hindi -> English

1) मुझे प्यास लगी है ।

       If you said “I am thirsty” you are correct.

2) मैं उलझन में हूँ ।

       If you said “I am confused.” you are correct.

3) आपने/ तुमने मुझे खुश कर दिया।

       If you said “You made me happy." you are correct.

Now try to think of the Hindi translation for these English sentences:

English ->Hindi

1) I am so happy for your success.

If you said " मैं आप की सफलता से बहुत खुश हूँ। " you are correct.

2) Her husband is a good man .

If you said “उसका पति एक अच्छा आदमी है। “ you are correct

3) I am really scared.

If you said " मैं सच में डर गया हूँ । " you are correct

Now you know how to express what you feel in Hindi.


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