Tum ho

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तुम-हो (Tum-Ho) sentences

In Hindi, all the sentences starting with तुम (Tum) ends in हो (ho), irrespective of the gender of the noun or the pronoun in present tense.


You are a boy.
तुम लड़का हो |
Tum ladka ho

You are a girl.
तुम लड़की हो |
Tum ladki ho

You are Ram.
तुम राम हो |
Tum Ram ho

You are Sunitha.
तुम सुनीता हो |
Tum Sunitha ho

You are a teacher. (mas.)
तुम अध्यापक हो |
Tum adhyapak ho

You are a teacher. (fem.)
तुम अध्यापिका हो |
Tum adhyapika ho

You are a student.
तुम विद्यार्थी हो |
Tum vidyaarthi ho

You are a shopkeeper.
तुम दुकानदार हो |
Tum dukaandaar ho

You are alright.
तुम ठीक हो |
Tum theek ho

Are you alright?
क्या तुम ठीक हो?
Kya tum teek ho?

You come by car.
तुम गाड़ी मैं आते हो |
Tum gaadi main aate ho

You live in Texas.
तुम टेक्सस में रहते हो |
Tum Texas mein rahte ho

You know Mathews.
तुम मॅत्यूस को जानते हो|
Tum Mathews ko jaante ho

You are 20 years old.
तुम बीस साल के हो |
Tum bees saal ke ho

You are going to market.
तुम बाज़ार जा रहे हो |
Tum bazaar ja rahe ho

You learn Hindi.
तुम हिन्दी सीकते हो |
Tum Hindi seekthe ho

You sometimes go there with him.
तुम कभी-कभी उनके साथ वहाँ जाते हो |
Tum kabhi-kabhi unke saath vahan jate ho

You stay with Amy.
तुम एमी के साथ रहती हो |
Tum Amy ke saath rahti ho

You see him everyday.
तुम उनको रोज़ देखते हो |
Tum unko roz dekhte ho

You want to learn Hindi.
तुम हिन्दी सीखना चाहते/ चाहती हो |
Tum Hindi seekhna chahte/chahti ho

You are eating bread.
तुम रोटी खा रहे/रही हो |
Tum roti kha rahe/rahi ho


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