IMPERATIVE – विधि (vidhi)

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An imperative is a verb that expresses command or a request. This is derived from the stem of the Verb.

  • आओ(aao), जाओ(jaao), करो(karo), etc are used in addressing equals or inferiors.
  • आइये(Aayiye), बैठिए (baithiye), कीजिए (keejiye),etc are used in addressing elders and persons whom we respect.
  • All the respectful forms presuppose the use of आप or some similar title of respect.
  • For the negative imperative, मत (math) is used. With the respectful forms,न (na) is the correct word, though मत is occasionally found.
  • The Infinitive is also used as a gentle Imperative.



ठहरो !

You go
तू जा !
Tu jaa

You study
तू पढ़ !
Tu padh

You also come
तू भी चल !
Tu bhi chal

Come here!
यहाँ आओ !
Yahan aao

Don’t go there!
वहाँ मत जाओ !
Vahan math jaao

You don’t take this pen.
तुम यह कलम मत लेना !
Tum yeh kalam math lena

Hurry up!
जल्दी करो !
Jaldi karo

Don’t touch!
छूना मत !
Chuna math

You go there!
तुम वहाँ जाओ !
Tum vahan jaao

Bring a cup of milk.
एक प्याला दूध लाओ।
Ek pyala doodh laao

Please come.
(आप) आइये।
(Aap) Aayiye

Please sit here.
यहाँ बैठिए।
Yahan baithiye

Please do this work.
यह काम कीजिए।
Yeh kaam keejiye

Please don’t do this work.
आप यह काम न/मत कीजिए।
Aap yeh kaam na/math keejiye

Please do not sell this watch.
आप यह घड़ी मत बेचना।
Aap yeh ghadi math bechna

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