The Use of चुक (Chuk)

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चुक (Chuk) means finished or over or cease or conclude. It is used with the verb-root. ने is not added to the subject when चुक is used. Variations occur to चुक according to the gender and number of  the noun.


Padma finished dancing.
पद्मा नाच चुकी।
Padma naach chuki

He finished his work.
वह अपना काम कर चुका।
Vah apna kaam kar chuka

We finished washing clothes.
हम कपड़े धो चुके।
Hum kapade dho chuke

The girls finished running.
लड़कियाँ दौड़ चुकी।
Ladkiyam daud chuki

Gopal finished writing the homework before 6 o’clock.
गोपाल छःबजे के पहले गृहकार्या लिख चुका।
Gopal chah baje ke pahale grihakarya likh chuka

I shall finish meeting him before you come.
तुम्हारे आने के पहले मैं बोल चुका गा।
Tumhare aane ke pahale main bol chuka hoonga

They had finished their work.
वे अपना काम पूरा कर चुके थे।
Ve apna kaam poora kar chuke the

Did you finish reading this book?
क्या तुम यह किताब पढ़ चुके?
Kya tum yeh kitaab pad chuke?

The teacher has finished teaching his lessons.
अध्यापक पाठ सीखा चुके।
Adhyapak padh sikha chuke

We finished running two kilometers.
हम दो किलोमीटर दौड़ चुके।
Hum do kilometer daud chuke

Is your sister’s marriage over?
तुम्हारी बहन की शादी हो चुकी?
Tumhari bahan ki shaadi ho chuki?

We have finished our bath.
हम नहा चुके।
Hum naha chuke

Girls finished eating all mangoes.
लड़कियाँ सभी आम खा चुकी।
Ladkiyam sabhi aam kha chuki

Since चुक (Chuk) denotes end or conclusion, it is known as समाप्ति बोधक सहायक क्रिया (samaapti bodhak sahayak kriya).

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