Conjunctions – part 3

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Conjunctions contd……….

  • संकेत वाचक (Sanket vaachak): is a conjuction where the hint or clue or a condition is present in one clause or sentence and its result is denoted in the other clause or sentence. यद्यपि…. फिर भी/तदापि (Yadyapi…. phir bhi/tadaapi), चाहे पर (chahe par), अगर तो (agar to), etc are Sanket vaachak conjuctions.


I would be happy if they came.
अगर वे आते तो मैं खुश होता।
Agar ve aate to main khush hota

Although/though/eventhough he studied well he still failed.
यद्यपि उसने अच्छी तरह पढ़ा फिर भी वह हार गया।
Yadyapi usne achchi tarah padha phir bhi vah haar gaya

Although it rained yesterday, yet the heat has not decreased.
यद्यपि कल पानी बरसा फिर भी गर्मी कम नहीं हुई।
Yadyapi kal paani barsa phir bhi garmi kam nahin huyi

If you study well, you will pass the exam.
अगर तुम अच्छी तरह पढ़ोगे तो परीक्षा में उतीर्ण होगे।
Agar tum achchi tarah padhoge to pareeksha mein uteern hoge

Although TTL is trying to keep the website information correct, however, it takes no responsibility for its infallibility.
यद्यपि टीटीएल की कोशिश यही रहती है कि वेबसाइट पर सही जानकारी दी जाए, तथापि यह इसकी अचूकता के लिए कोई जिम्मेदारी नहीं लेता है।
Yadyapi TTL ki koshish yahi hai ki website par sahi jaankari dee jaye, tathapi yah iski achukta ke liye koyi jimmaedaari nahin leta hai

  • स्वरूप वाचक (Swaroop vaachak): are conjunctions that denote the actual nature or character of one clause in the second clause or sentence. मानो (maano), namely – यानी (yaani), की (ki), meaning-अर्थात् (arthath), etc.


I advised him that he should not do such work.
मैने उसे समझाया की तुम्हे ऐसा काम नहीं करना चाहिए।
Maine use samjhaya ki tumhe aisa kaam nahin karna chahiye

Jodha means Hindi and Akbar means Urdu…
जोधा यानी हिन्दी, अकबर यानी उर्दू….
Jodha yaani Hindi, Akbar yaani Urdu….

The plastic money- credit cards or Plastic money viz credit cards
क्रेडिट कार्ड यानी प्लास्टिक मनी।
Credit card yaani plastic money

Neelkanth means whose throat is blue. That means Shiva.
नीलकंठ, नीला है कंठ जिसका अर्थात् शिव।
Neelkanth,neela hai kanth jiska arthath Shiva

Believe it or not,….
मानो या न मानो,….
Maano ya na maano, …

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