Common questions – request from a listener

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Verona wrote us and asked:

i want to learn to ask question like :
1. have you taken your  dinner already ?
2. where are you ?
3. how was the interview?
how do i say :
eat, drink, sleep, good nite


Have you eaten your dinner?


क्या आपने रात का खाना खाया है?

(kyaa aapne raat kaa khaanaa khaayaa hai)



क्या तुमने रात का खाना खाया है?

(kyaa tumne raat kaa khaanaa khaayaa hai)


Where are you?


आप कहाँ हैं?

(aap kahaan hain)



तुम कहाँ हो?

(tum kahaan ho)


How was the interview?

“इन्टरवियू” कैसा था?

(interview kaisaa thaa)


English Infinitive Command Request
to eat खाना  (khaanaa) खाओ (khaaO) खाइये (khaiye)
to sleep सोना (sonaa) सोओ
सोइये (soiye)
to drink पीना (piinaa) पीयो
पीजिये (piijiye)


The command “sleep” is not so common.  Instead, it should be “go sleep”, सो जाओ (so jaao).


Good night

शुभ रात्रि

(shubh raatri)

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