Comparison of Adjectives: Part I

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Comparison of Adjectives: Part I

In English the adjectives undergo change corresponding to the comparative and superlative degrees. But in Hindi, it does not change in form.

In Hindi, the comparative degree is formed by adding ‘से’(se) or ‘की अपेक्षा’ (ki apeksha) after the person or thing with which the comparison is made. The degree of comparison can also be formed by placing word like अधिक (adhik), ज़्यादा (zyada), कम (kam), बढ़कर (badhkar), and so on.

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This room is larger than that room.

यह कमरा उस कमरे से बड़ा है ।

yah kamra us kamre se bada hai

Rohan is taller than Tejas.

रोहन तेजस से लंबा है ।

Rohan Tejas se lamba hai

Reema is taller than Raj.

रीमा राज से लंबी है ।

Reema Raj se lambi hai

Raj is fatter than Reema.

राज रीमा से मोटा है ।

Raj Reema se mota hai

Ram is taller.

राम ज़्यादा लंबा है ।

Ram zyada lamba hai

She is prettier than her sister.

वह उसकी बहन से सुंदर है ।

Vah uski bahan se sundar hai

This is less expensive.

यह कम महँगी है ।

Yah kam mahangi hai

This car is less expensive than that.

यह गाड़ी उस गाड़ी से कम महँगी है ।

Yah gaadi us gaadi se kam mahangi hai

Gopal is shorter than Ram.

गोपाल राम से नाटा है ।

Gopal Ram se nata hai

Gold is costlier than silver.

सोना चाँदी से महँगा है ।

Sona chandi se mahanga hai

This magazine is cheaper than that one.

यह पत्रिका उससे सस्ती है ।

Yah patrika usse sasti hai

My house is bigger than yours.

मेरा घर तुम्हारे से अधिक बड़ा है ।

Mera ghar tumhare se adhik bada hai

That pond is the shallower in this area.[1]

वह तालाब इस क्षेत्र में कम गहरा है ।

Vah talaab is kshetr mein kam gahara hai

A holiday by the sea is better than a holiday in the mountains.

समुद्र पर छुट्टी पहाड़ों में छुट्टी से बेहतर है ।

Samudr par chutti pahadom mein chutti se behter hai


1) Translate:

a) क्या जानकी जेन से कम मोटी है ?(kya Janki Jane se kam moti hai)

b) संगीता पिंकी से ज़्यादा होशियार है ।(Sangeeta pinki se zyada hoshiyaar hai)

c) He is taller than her.

d) Is this better than that?

[1] While correct as written above, for modern American usage, it were better to state: “That pool is shallower in this area,” as तालाब can be used for swimming pool, as can तरण ताल; and it is more natural to gauge the depth of the latter than of a pond.

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