What did I say? (broom or magic)

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It is difficult being understood. But sometimes it helps for us to know how we might be misunderstood in order to be more clear. The "What did I say?" episodes will have Hindi learners trying to be understood by Hindi speakers. We will find out what are some ways that the Hindi learn can be miss understood.

This episode has Nathan reading a single sentence to Mr. Naraindas

"झाड़ू कहाँ है?" (Where is the broom?)

It gets misunderstood as

"जादू कहाँ है?" (Where is the magic?)

Notice the difference between these words:

जादू – magic

झाड़ू – broom

magic begins with the un-aspirated ज (ja) and broom begins with the aspirated झ (jha). This difference is subtle. The ending is more distinct. "magic" ends with "दू" (doo) (dental, unaspirated "d" sound with the "oo" vowel). "broom" ends with the ड़ू (notice the dot underneath the letter!! this makes it the retroflexive "r" sound. "Roo".)

Now you should be able to say "magic" and "broom" correctly in the future.


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