Pronouns and Hindi in Punjab

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Nathan I would like to learn but first i would like to start for pronouns I, you, we they  etc and also “I have, you have and also i have had or i have told you.. Something like that if you can send me i will appreciate it so much.



Basic pronouns in Hindi

I – मैं

You (formal) –  आप

You (informal) – तुम

You (familiar) -तू

We – हम

He/She/It/This – यह

These – ये

He/She/It/That –  वह

Those – वे

Dear nathan,

We have subscribed to the i speak hindi and the information is very valuable to us. Can u please publish where to use mein and where to use mujhe. We are non hindi speaking family and having difficulty in explaining this to my 8 year old daughter.

Thanks and Regards,


The difference between मैं (mein) and मुझे (mujhe) is similar to the difference in English between “I” and “me”.  These two English words both refer to one’s own self.  However, “I” is used as the subject of a sentence.  And “me” is a direct object or object of a prepositional phrase.  Let us look at some examples in English and their equivalents in Hindi.

I am Nathan.

मैं नेथिन हूँ।

Give the apple to me.

मुझे सेब दो। (informal)

However, in Hindi grammar there are places where the English sentence uses “I” but in Hindi we say मुझे.  For example, in English I would say, “I don’t know.”  But in Hindi, you would say मुझे मालूम नहीं।  Literally saying, “not known to me.”  There are other places in Hindi grammar where this is the case.

And I should point out that  मुझे is an alternate form of मुझको (to me).

Hi Nathan,

I love your site I speak and look forward to the lessons everyday.  I have a question about the different languages in India.  Some day I would love to go there and be able to converse.  There seems to be many different languages in India.  If I go to Punjab will I be able to converse in Hindi? Or would I have to speak Punjabi to the majority of the people? – How similar is Hindi to Punjabi?



There are many different languages in India.  See the wikipedia article that describes the languages with official status in India:

>>If I go to Punjab will I be able to converse in Hindi?

Yes.  You should have no trouble conversing in Hindi in Punjab.

>>How similar is Hindi to Punjabi?

They are very different.

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