I am taller than you.

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The comparitive in English is made by adding “-er” to an adjective or in some cases by adding “more” in front of the adjective.  Here are some examples:

I am taller than you.

You are taller than me.

My grandmother is taller than me.

The grandmother is taller than the grandson.

This same pattern can apply to other adjectives and other situations, but the pattern of the sentence is the same.

The bike is cheaper than the car.

The tea is hotter than the coffee.

I am fatter than you.

Once you know the pattern, you can make many combinations of sentences.  There is a similar pattern in Hindi.

“I am taller than you.” in Hindi is “मैं आपसे लंबा हूँ।” (mein aap-se lam-baa huun).  The adjective and the verb agrees with the subject.  In this sentence “I” (मैं) is the subject of the sentence, so the verb is “am” (हूँ).  If a man is talking, then it would be the masculine form of the adjective.  Example:  लंबा (lam-baa).  Here is an example with Naraindas Ji and Meena Ji.


Now, let us see how the sentence changes when Meena Ji says, “You are taller than me.”  आप मुझसे लंबा हैं।  (aap mujh-se lam-be hain.)


Why are we using लंबे (lam-be) instead of लंबा (lam-baa)?  Well, आप (aap) is actually plural.  (This is true with “you” in English.  It is proper to say, “You are”, but it is never proper to say “You is”.)  The difference in Hindi is that the adjective also changes to the masculine plural form.

Here is a different example:


मेरी नानी मुझसे लंबी हैं। (me-rii naa-nii mujh-se lam-bii hain) – My grandmother is taller than me.

लंबी (lam-bii) is the feminine form of लंबा and we use it to refer to a femine subject.

Now you know the pattern to say that one thing is “more” than something else.

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