Related verbs

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There is a similarity between verbs of a related action.  For example, to laugh is हँसना and to make laugh is हँसाना.  There are a lot of verbs like this.

Here is a list of some verbs that follow this pattern:

सुनना (sun-naa) to listen सुनाना (su-naa-naa) to tell (to make listen)
मिलना (mil-naa) to meet मिलाना (mi-laa-naa) to bring together (to make meet)
देखना (dekh-na) to see दिखाना (di-khaa-naa) to show (to make see)
खाना (khaa-naa) to eat खिलाना (khi-laa-naa) – to feed (to make eat)

मैं हँसता हूँ। (mein hans-taa huun) – I laugh.

मैं उनको हँसाता हूँ। (mein un-ko han-saa-taa huun) – I make them laugh.

मैं सुनता हूँ। (mein sun-taa huun) – I listen.

आप मुझको सुना रहे हैं। ( aap mujh-ko su-naa rahe hain) – You are telling me.

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