Expression of surprise; review of some basic Hindi phrases

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Today we had my nieces visit us (Meena-ji’s and Naraindas-ji’s grand daughters.)  I thought it would be good to record an episode with them.

They know a Hindi phrase that is an expression of surprise.

अरे बाप रे बाप

(a-re baap re baap)

Review of basic Hindi phrases

What is your name?

आपका नाम क्या है?

(aap-kaa naam kyaa hai?)

My name is ____ .

मेरा नाम ________ है।

(me-raa naam ____ hai)

How are you?

आप कैसे हैं?  (Asking a man)

(aap kai-se hain)

आप कैसी हैं? (Asking a woman)

(aap kai-sii hain)

I’m OK.

मैं ठीक हूँ। (same for man and woman)

(main Tiik huun)

मैं अच्छा हूँ। (man speaking)

(main ach-chhaa huun)

मैं अच्छी हूँ। (woman speaking)

(main ach-chhii huun)

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