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Hari writes:

i was wondering if you could go over the proper way to form different questions as there seems to be quite a bit of variation which is confusing.
Thank you,

Here are several words used to ask questions:

क्या (kyaa) – what?  (also can turn a statement into a yes/no question)


आपका नाम क्या है?  (aapkaa naam kyaa hai) What is your name?

क्या आपका नाम राम है?  kyaa aapkaa naam raam hai) Is your name Ram?

कौन (koun) – who?

वह कौन है?  (vah koin hai) – Who is he/she?

कैसा (keisaa) / (keisii) कैसी / कैसे  (keise) – How?

आप कैसे हैं?  (aap kaise hain) – How are you? (formal addressing a man)

आप कैसी हैं? (aap kaisii hain) – How are you? (formal addressing a woman)

तू कैसा है? (tuu kaisaa hai) – How are you? (informal, addressing a boy)

कितना (kitnaa)/ कितनी (kitnii) /  कितने  (kitne) – How much? How many?

आपको कितना दूध चाहिये?  (aapko kitna dudh chahiye)

How much milk do you want?

चाय में कितनी चीनी डालूँ? (chay men kitnii chiinii Daaluun)– How much sugar to pour in the tea?

आपके घर में कितने कमरे हैं? (aapke ghar men kitne kamre hain) – How rooms are in your house?

कब (kab) – When?

आप कब आए?  (aap kab aae) When did you come? (talking to a man)

आप कब आईं?  (aap kab aaiin) When did you come? (talking to a lady)

क्यों (kyon) – Why?

आप क्यों भारत जाते हैं?  (aap kyon bharat jaate hain) Why do you go to India?

Randall writes:

I am signing up to become a paid subscriber.  This site is fantastic!  I am a white American with alot of friends from India.  I love their culture so much!  I do speak hindi fairly well.  My problem is, I have trouble with terms for “take”, “Leave”, and so on.  I have trouble with terms like “what time should I pick you up”?  “I picked them up today”., “I will go get them”.  Thanks if you can help.  I really appreciate your site.  Thanks again.

take – लेना (lenaa) – to take

लीजिये (liijiye) – Please take.

What time should I pick you up?

मैं किस समय आपको लेने आऊँ?   (main kis samay aapko lene aauun) (same for both men and women)

When should I pick you up?

मैं कब आपको लेने आऊँ? (main kab aako lene aauun)

(same for both men and women)

I picked them up today.

मैं आज उनको ले कर आया. (mai aaj unko le kar aayaa)

I will go get them.

मैं उनको लेने जाऊँगा. (main unko len jaauungaa)

Thiya writes:

Dear Nathan

Kindly start from the basic, then only i can understand the hindi.

Kindly send me the basic

Awaiting for your reply.



We publish basic Hindi sessions on a regular basis.  Here is a page of lessons that are good to get started with.

Check out the New site:


It has forums.  You can create groups for your class, study group, tour group, etc.  You can connect with friends.  Talk about Hindi.  Take a look and leave a comment on the site to let me know what you think.

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