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Swamy sent me an email in response to the episode we published last week: Listener comments and questions

Dear Sir/Madam/team members,

Excellent efforts/ task you people have put for teaching Hindi among our Inians.
This conversation is very useful for day to day life.
Kindly keep up and bring many more like this conversations.

On the whole, I indeed appreciate you all.
yours sincerely
Swamy, Chennai

san left a comment on the same episode

Well Nathan, l like this website very much. l’m a college student in China. My major is English. So that helps me a lot to understand what u are talking about. My boy friend is from lndia so l try to learn Hindi to make him feel like at home here.l appreciate for what u have done. Teach me Hindi and at the same time improve my English a lot. Thank you!

Nancey writes:


Computer problems are very frustrating.  The good news is that the episodes for each month between September 2009 till February 2010 are available in the paid subscriber’s area in zip files that let you download the entire month’s worth of episodes as one file.  Here is a screenshot to give you and idea of what to expect:


Right now is it is only $12 for 6 months to become a paid subscriber.  Once you sign up, you will be locked in at that rate.  On April 1, 2010, we will be changing it to $12 for 4 months for new subscribers.  Sign up now to lock in the current rate.  In addition to being able to download an entire month’s worth of content in one easy file, you will be access “line by line” audio for some lessons, and additional content that we produce from time to time.

Ramya writes:

i would like to know the difference between "meri" , "mera" and "mere"…i.e., when to use those three words..
kindly clear my doubt.

मेरा and  मेरी both mean “my”.  But which one you use depends on the gender of the noun that you are saying is yours.  In the case of people the gender is obvious.  You would say

My brother is मेरा भाई

My sister is मेरी बहिन

But everything in Hindi has a gender.  For example, the word for “name” is “masculine” and you would say मेरा नाम for my name.  However, मेरी चाय for “my tea” because the word for tea is feminine.  The word for “my” also changes if it is a plural noun.  In the case of a masculine plural noun you use मेरे  for example मेरे कमरे (my rooms).  However, in the case of a plural feminine noun, you would still use मेरी for example मेरी मेज़ें “My tables”.  We will have a lesson later in the week where we go over this in more detail. 

Carolyn writes:

I didn’t realize there was a new website.  I have lately been listening through itunes.  I like the redesign.  The tabs on the top are great and the ability to see and interact with other members is wonderful.  It will be great to be able to connect to others also learning Hindi and create a community.

Our episode last week titled Listener Comments and questions – learning the Hindi letters & सकता generated several comments.

Carolyn wrote:

I was intimidated by the script at first and I want to encourage people not to be. Once I decided to just buckle down and learn it, it took only a couple of weeks to start being able to read. My boyfriend also picked it up from scratch in about a week. I still struggle with some of the combination letters, but in general, each letter makes only one sound, so reading becomes so simple. And I find reading the actual script less confusing than trying to figure out what a series of English characters is trying to represent in Hindi!

Timothy wrote:

For aspiring Hindi learners there is no substitute for learning the Devanagari script. Otherwise it would be extremely difficult to learn to pronounce the characters correctly. Having mastered Cyrillic script when starting Russian many years ago in college I knew that learning a new writing system was not difficult. Devanagari is a beautiful writing system and I derive joy and satisfaction from writing it.

We are selling a three book combo for helping people learn the Hindi letters.  It is only $15 + shipping and it includes two books from  One is called Hindi Alphabet and the other is a Hindi Phonics book.  The third book is more of a booklet.  It contains 25 word find puzzles.  It can give you practice recognizing the letters while letting you take a break from “formal” study.


We are also going to dedicate a lesson each week to the sounds and symbols of Hindi.  I would like for everyone that is a long time listener to feel comfortable reading Hindi, writing it, and even typing it.  If we can spend a few minutes each week learning just a little bit more, and then try practicing it whenever possible, then you will be comfortable soon.

Take care…


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