What is your age? – Basic Phrase

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Let’s learn a basic phrase:  “What is your age?”

The question is the same when asking it to a man or a woman.  (Though you should take care when asking it to a woman, as they might not like it.)

आपकी उम्र कितनी है?

आप (aap) you [formal]

की (kii) [sign of possession]  We use की here because the thing that is being possessed “age” उम्र is feminine gender.  (There is nothing “feminine” about age itself, but every Hindi noun has a “gender”.  A dictionary should be consulted to find the gender, and then it must be memorized.)

आपकी (aapki) – your;  Putting आप and की together makes “your”.

उम्र (umr) – age (feminine gender)

कितनी – (kit-nii) – how much – This agrees with उम्र.

है (hai) – is

Literally “How much is your age?”


The reply to the question does differ depending on if you are a man or a woman.

A man would say “I am 20 years old” by saying:

मैं बीस साल का हूँ।

मैं (mein) – I

बीस (biis) – 20

साल (saal) – years

का – (kaa) – of (has to agree with the subject.  This is what changes!  For a man it is का and for a woman it is की (kii))

हूँ (huun) – am

Literally “I am of 20 years years.”


A woman would say “I am 20 years old” by saying:

मैं बीस साल की हूँ। 

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