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Philip Salter suggests:

Not a podcast, but a chatroom for real conversation… at varying levels.

That’s a good idea! I’ve added a chat room that we could chat in on the right side of the screen.  Here is a picture of what to look for.


There has been some chatting going on in the room, and I thought it might be good to cover some of the Hindi that was exchanged:

Meena: मुझे बड़ी खुशी हुई कि आप मेरे यहाँ आए।  I am very happy that you have come here to me.

Naraindas: आप कहाँ हैं? मतलब आप कहाँ रहती हैं?  Where are you?  Meaning, Where do you live?  (addressing a female)

Meena: अच्छा! In addition to meaning “good” it can mean really!  Ok.

Naraindas: कयों आप हिंदी सीख रही हैं? Why are you learning Hindi?  (addressing a female)

Meena: एक करीबी दोस्त हिंदी बोलती है। A close friend speaks Hindi.  (talking about a female friend)

Naraindas: एक करीबी दोस्त हिंदी बोलता है। A close friend speaks Hindi.  (talking about a male friend)

Naraindas: आपकी सहेली कहाँ से हैं? Where is your friend from?  (referring to a female friend)

Naraindas: आपकी दोस्त कहाँ रहती है?  Where does your friend live? (also referring to a female friend)

Naraindas: अच्छा आपका दोस्त एक आदमी है।  I see, your friend is a man.

Meena: mother tongue is मातृभाषा

Meena: मेरे दोस्त की मातृभाषा गुजराती है।  My friend’s mother tongue is Gujrati.

Naraindas: आप क्या काम करती हैं?  What work do you do?  (addressing a female)

Meena: मैं एक छात्रा थी.  I was a student.  (spoken by a female)

Meena: मैं काम की तलाश में हूँ।  I am in search of work.  (I am looking for a job)  (can be spoken by a man or a woman)

The Lion and the Mouse generated several comments:

Adrian says:

I think this approach to learning Hindi is great. Listening to a good speaker reciting fairly simple hindi text with emphasis and some drama is, after all, how children augment their assimilation of their mother tongue and build vocabulary and, importantly, a library of idioms. I have a similar set of free downloads from and listen to them over and over again.

Once again, Nathan and sonia, – thanks very much. Your efforts are much appreciated.


Abhi says:

Hi, can we get the HIndi text to this just like we did for the Carpenter?

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