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I received a letter today from Dr. Rupert Snell, the author of Teach Yourself Hindi, Hindi Conversation, Teach Yourself Hindi Script, and Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary.  He is currently the Associate Director of the Hindi Urdu Flagship Program at the University of Texas in Austin.  He is announcing the availability of some truly wonderful content for the beginner student that he has created along with Neha Ladha, Michael Heidenreich, Jonathan Seefeldt, and Christopher Thomas.  Here is the note from Dr. Snell.

To learners and teachers of Hindi:

This URL leads to Glossaries Alive, a new HINDI URDU FLAGSHIP feature for Hindi learners at the elementary level. Its simple purpose is to bring alive a basic vocabulary for Hindi, and while it can be used independently of any textbook it is based on the chapter-wise glossaries in my Teach Yourself Hindi. It contextualizes individual words in short phrases, demonstrating a mother-tongue pronunciation and helping learners develop an instinctive grasp of morphology and usage. Each word or phrase is accompanied on screen by its Devanagari transcript, helping learners to familiarize themselves with the script alongside the lexicon; the glossaries can also be downloaded as PDFs.  Glossaries Alive, available as a podcast, is growing week-by-week and will reach its full complement of 18 episodes by the end of the spring semester or soon after.   Various other kinds of new interactive teaching and learning materials will continue to be added to the HINDI URDU FLAGSHIP website in coming months.

I thought I would go by and spend a few minutes to see it.  But I was completely absorbed by the clear and wonderful way Hindi was presented.  What I had originally intended to be a quick overview of the site turned into more than an hour as I could not resist listening and seeing all the episodes that have been published.  I definitely recommend that you see Glossaries Alive.

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