word focus – तबीयत – health

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The word तबीयत means “health” in Hindi.  It is a feminine noun, any adjectives that modify it must be changed to work with a feminine noun.  That is why मेरी is used to refer to “My health” instead of मेरा.  (For more information on this point, you can look at the episode on Adjective gender agreement – मेरा or मेरी.) 

Here are the words, phrases and sentences that are covered in today’s lesson.  (Get line by line audio in the paid subscriber’s area.)

health – तबीयत

my health – मेरी तबीयत

your health – आपकी तबीयत

his health/her health  उसकी तबीयत

their health  उनकी तबीयत

good health अच्छी तबीयत  (good health  ठीक तबीयत)

How is your health?    आपकी तबीयत कैसी है?

How is my health?  मेरी तबीयत कैसी है?

How is his health?  How is her health?  उसकी तबीयत कैसी है?

My health is not good.  मेरी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है।

Your heath is not good.  आपकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है।

His health is not good./ Her health is not good.  उसकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है।

Their health is not good.  उनकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है।

My health was bad (not good).  मेरी तबीयत ठीक नहीं थी।

His health was not good. / Her health was not good.  उसकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं थी।

Their health was not good. उनकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं थी।


The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary by R.S. McGregor gives some additional definitions for the word तबीयत

  1. temperament
  2. intrinsic quality
  3. mind; state of mind, mood

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