Phrase focus: How is the weather?

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Whether you are making travel arrangements or trying to have “small talk” the conversation will at some point turn to the weather.  This lesson introduces the phrase “How is the weather?” and demonstrates three basic responses:

How is the weather?

मौसम कैसा है?

mou-sam kae-saa hai?

Take a moment to look at each of the words:

मौसम (mou-sam) (m) – weather

This is a masculine gender noun.  All adjectives that change has to agree with a masculine singular noun. 

कैसा (kae-saa) – how

है (hai) – is

In most Hindi sentences the verb comes at the end.  In English you say “How is the weather?” in Hindi you say “Weather how is?”


Today’s weather is good.

आजका मौसम अच्छा है।

aaj-kaa mou-sam ach-chhaa hai


का (kaa) is an important word.  It shows possession.  It is equivalent to putting an apostrophe “s”, i.e. ‘s after something.  

आजका (aaj-kaa) – today’s

The weather is good.

मौसम अच्छा है।

mou-sam ach-chhaa hai


The weather is OK.

मौसम ठीक है।

mou-sam TTiik hai


The weather is bad.

मौसम ख़राब है।

mou-sam kha-raab hai

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