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Abhi left a comment on Grammar Drill: Postpositions with Singular Nouns (4/25/2010):

Thank you ISpeakHIndi, really appreciated.
I wondered, can we have the quizzes back please? They were great recap tools.

The most recent lessons have quizzes at the end.  I am also going back to previous podcasts and adding quizzes as time allows.  Here are the podcasts that have quizzes so far:

If you are logged into the site and score 100% then an entry is made into the sites “activity” steam ( letting everyone know.  Here is an example:



Abhi replied:

vah! If only all my wants were always so effectively and quickly met!
Thank you. I got a 100% on the quiz too :D

Philip Listener Questions and Comments (4/26/2010)

I think this is a great episode because you answered a couple of things that I couldn’t seem to figure out on my own. I am glad that you are so helpful and accommodating. So what does it take to get Hindi script on my keyboard?? I have all the Japanese scripts but I had to install office home 2007(microsoft) on my windows XP desktop. I’m hoping that multiple scripts can be used without problems. Any thoughts on that?

Abhi replied:

Answer to Philip:
Download HindiWriter; it is the easiest tool I know of. It allows you to type Devanagari with roman letters on your standard English keyboard.


Philip, HindiWriter is definitely an an option. Another option would be to learn the Hindi keyboard. If you were interested in this route, you would have to enable the Hindi keyboard. I put together a brief video cast on how to do this in Windows XP:


Philip and Abhi, I have a page on how to type in Hindi in the wiki:

There is some useful information there. I added a link to the “HindiWriter” program that Abhi mentioned, and there are several websites that let you type transliterated Hindi and then it changes it to the Hindi characters that are mentioned there as well.

If you come across any good tips or tricks, please add them to the wiki.

Kavitha responded back with a suggestion: is another great link where you can type in English alphabets using the existing keyboard and get it translated/transliterates into Hindi script.It is a free online Indian language typing tool.


Ramasamy left a comment on Grammar Drill: Postpositions with Singular Nouns (4/25/2010)

Thank you for this lesson. If I am not mistaken घर पर means not only “on the house” but also “at home” e.g. I am at home – मैं घर पर हूँ .

Ramasamy, you are completely correct.  घर पर is best translated as “at home”.

If you have any questions or comments related to Hindi, the podcast, or the website, please leave them as comments on the site.  Or if you prefer, you can email me at

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