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Randall had a suggestion that he posted to the last Listener Comments and Questions lesson (May 9, 2010)

I have, do you have, they have the best food. These would be helpful phrases for me to learn. Could you please post this topic? Thank you.

Johan emailed me with the question:

Hi Nathan ji,

I have the following question about inviting someone “at my place”. I do not knom the correct spelling for place so I use “karpher”

Meri karpher? – at my place?

Aapke karpher nahii – not at your place

Aapne karpher nahii – not at my place

What is the exact meaning of Aapne?

Why is it that I have to use Aapne and not Meri to say “Not at my place”, or are both (aapne and Meri) possible?


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