छ + vowels

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Remember the vowels:

अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ऋ ए ऐ ओ औ अं

Last week we looked at how these vowels mix with the first consonant च.  Today, we look at the same pattern but with the second letter छ.  These two consonants sound very, very similar.  But they make different sounds for a Hindi speaker.  In order to get the sound right, we need to over emphasize the difference.  The first one has very little air.  Try to say it with no air. च  The second one is harder with a lot of air, छ.

After you go through today’s lesson with छ and each of the vowels, go to the other lesson on च and the vowels to practice hearing the difference.

छ् + अ  = छ   छत (f) roof

छ्+ आ =   छा  छाता (m) umbrella

छ्+ इ = छि  – छिपाना – to hide, conceal (related word: छिपना – to be hidden)

छ् + ई = छी  – छीलना – to skin, to peel

छ् + उ = छु  – छुरी (f) knife

छ् + ऊ =  छू – छूना – to touch, to feel

छ् + ऋ  = छृ –

छ् + ए =  छे – छेद (m) hole

छ् + ऐ =    छै  – छौल-छबीला silly

छ् + ओ = छो – छोटा – small

छ् + औ =    छौ – छौंकना – to season

छ् + अं = छं  छंद (m) poetic meter

You can get line by line audio in the paid subscriber section.  This will allow for you to practice each sound and line by itself.


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