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Hindi Lesson No. 3 Basic Phrases Vol.III
1. उन्होने कितने साल   नौकरी की ?|  ( unhonay Kitney saal naukri kee). How many years he worked?
2   उन्होने तीस बरस नौकरी की |       (Unhoney tees baras  naukri kee. )  He worked for thirty years.
3.  इस कालोनी का क्या नाम हैं  ?  Is colony ka kya naam hai.)  What is the name of the colony?
4.   हम इसे तिर्वाम्यूर कहतें हैं   | ( Hum isey thirvamyur kahtein hain.)  We call this as Tirvamyur.
5.   कॉलेज कितना दूर है  | ( College kitna door hai.?How far is the College.?
6. कॉलेज चालीस (४०)  किलोमीटर दूर है | ( College chalees Kilometer dooor hai.)The college is  at forty 40 KM distance.
7.   आप कॉलेज कैसे जाते हैं   |   Aaap college kaisy jaatey hain. ) How do you go to the college?
8.     मैं कॉलेज बस से जाता हूँ  |( Main college bus sey jaata hun)I go to college by bus.

Word with pronunciation and translation: Kindly try to make some different sentences from the following words.
साल (saal) = years or you can call varsh . Also Baras means also rainfall . Also please note varsha means rain.
नौकरी naukree = employment/job but naukar means servant or Daas or sevak.क्या kya = What
हम = hum = we(plural)
कितना Kitna = how
दूर – Dooor = far . The antonym is Pass means near. Kindly note Nikat means near also najdeek means near., also sameep has similar meaning.
चालीस- Chalees = forty
कैसे Kaise = how .
हूँ  – jaata hun = goes
बस-Bus ( Bus, same meaning in English here). Bus also means STOP in Hindi
Some points:/suggestions/Tips
oonhoney is used as respect for he(Vah is a Hindi word). Here the an elderly person with 30 years experience. Hence it is used.If, say a boy has worked for 2 years and he is younger to you, you can say usney do varsh(Year) kaarya(work) kiya(did).
He- Vah . Vah ladka Hai(He is a boy) But for female Ladka will convert into Ladki(girl).
Vah ladkee hai. Lardka is also known as Balak(Boy). Ladkee is also known as Balika.
When they turn into adult, you would call Aadmee(Man) or Purush(gentleman) orVyakti(Man).For female, aurat(lady) or stree(lady).
Once a boy and girl get married, are known as Pati aur Patni( Husband and wife) or dampati.
The bride will be called vadhu or Dulhan and bridegroom will be call ed var or Dulha .
They- Vey = Vey ladkey Hain(They are boys).. It is in plural form.
Tum means you and aaap means you. Aaap is used for elders or higher in position or first time you are meeting and unknown to you. Normally in India, father is always called aap.

Mother is called mostly tum because children spent most of the time with mothers. It means you are very close to the person, can call tum.But there are parents they want their children to address all as Aap(you) which is good and respected and safe.
Some useful words ?( questions). Pleas try out some new sentences and share with voice with Devanagari script
Kya: What
Kyon: Why
How: kaise
When: Kab
Which: Kaunsa
Where: kahan
Who: kaun
Query: What is Mahavishwavidhyalaya?. Please write in Hindi(Devanagari), pronounce with recorded voice and write the meaning .
S.Suresh Kumar
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