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Will you be in Houston, TX USA on July 24, 2010?  Then you should come to the Learn Hindi party.  There will be native hindi speakers to practice Hindi with.  Activities, role playing, games, and instruction will help to advance your Hindi skills.  All levels are welcomed.

Date: Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time: 3 PM Hindi activities and instruction

5 PM informal Indian dinner

Place:  London  Sizzlers (6690 Southwest Fwy Houston TX 77074)

Cost:  $30 before July 21 (includes activites, instruction, handouts, and dinner)

$50 on site

Sign up now:

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Nithiya asks:

namaste nathan …

i would like to thank u for ur podcasts …they have helped me a lot to get a greater understanding of the language..
i don’t understand the usage of ’ne’ . Hopefully u will explain this in ur upcoming lessons ….

also …how do u say’ i kept the book on the table’

also ….when do u use rahi instead of raha??


ने is used in the past tense with transitive verbs.  Take a look at the episodes Past Tense with ne (9/6/2009) and Past Tense without ne (9/7/2009).

You say “I kept the book on the table.” by saying “मैं ने किताब मेज़ पर रखी।”

रहा is used to create the continuous tense.  I can say, “I work.” by saying “मैं काम करता हूँ।” but if I want to say “I am working.”  This changes to “मैं काम कर रहा हूँ।”.  However, these sentences only work if they are said by a man.

If a woman was to say, “I work.” she would say  “मैं काम करती हूँ।”.  And if she were to say, “I am working.” she would say “मैं काम कर रही हूँ।”.  See the episode Present Continuous Tense (8/25/2009).

We commonly get questions like this:

I need to learn how to speak in Hindi, I understand it but can not talk..

do u think basics of Hindi can be learned thanks to this web site?

Where do I get started?

I would recommend looking at the “newbie” lessons:

Do you have people to practice your Hindi with where you live?  Perhaps there is a gasoline station with a Hindi speaking attendent that you go to?  Or maybe an Indian restaurant?  Is there a Hindi study group?  Or local radio station?  I’ve created a page to capture this information on the wiki for Houston: in Houston

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