fan – पंखा

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Do you know how to say “fan” in Hindi? In this lesson we will learn the Hindi word for “fan” and see it in a variety of phrases and sentences. How do you say “fan” in Hindi?

This is a masculine gender noun that ends with the “aa” sound. You will notice that in the plural this will change to “e”. Let us look at some examples.

one fan
एक पंखा

five fans
पाँच पंखे

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my fan
मेरा पंखा

There is a formal way to say “you” in Hindi and an informal way to say “you”. And there are corresponding versions of “yours” as well.

you (formal)

your/yours (formal)

your fan (formal)
आपका पंखा

Here are the informal versions.

you (informal)

your/yours (informal)

your fan (informal)
तुम्हारा पंखा

big fan
बड़ा पंखा

That fan is big.
वह पंखा बड़ा है।

That is the big fan.
वह बड़ा पंखा है।

Where is the big fan?
बड़ा पंखा कहाँ है?

The big fan is in that room.
बड़ा पंखा उस कमरे में है।

small fans
छोटे पंखे

Do you have two small fans?
क्या आपके पास दो छोटे पंखे हैं?

Yes, I have two small fans.
हाँ, मेरे पास दो छोटे पंखे हैं।

I want a big fan.
मुझे बड़ा पंखा चाहिये।

You can now say “fan” in Hindi and use it in a variety of sentences. Try creating some sentences using the word fan? How many fans do you have? How many does your friend have? Are they big or small? What color are they? Try creating some sentences like this and come share them on the site See you next time.

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