Informal Conversation, Interview at Houston Lunch and Learn, and announcements

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On Saturday, August 21, 2010 we had our second “Lunch and Learn Hindi” event in Houston.  This time we covered “Informal Conversations”.    Here are just some of the basic phrases that we covered:

आपका नाम क्या है? – What is your name?

आप कहाँ से हैं?   – Where are you from?

आप कहाँ रहते हैं? – Where do you live?

क्या आप चाय पीते हैं?  – Do you drink tea?

क्या आप विवाहित हैं? Are you married?

We also covered how to ask these same questions about someone’s husband (पति), wife (पत्नी), and children (बच्चे).  Along the way many new words were covered.  We also looked at the grammar rules to use verbs in the present tense.  For example,  पीना means to drink.   This changes to पीता when I use it with relation to myself.  मैं चाय पीता हूँ। but a girl would say  मैं चाय पीती हूँ।  And then if you are asking a man if he drinks tea you would say क्या आप चाय पीते हैं?  We covered these rules in different types of sentences and practiced as well. We also touched on adjective – noun agreement, the use of prepositions, and how to make plurals.

After the event, one of the participants, Lam Li, talked to me about her experiences.  We talked about why she is learning Hindi, how she is studying, and what she learned from the Lunch and Learn Event.  Lam had also attended the previous lunch and learn event where we learned “50 Hindi Words to Get You Started.”

The presentation from the previous event covering “50 Hindi Words to Get You Started” is now available in the Paid Subscriber Area.  The booklet  in PDF form and audio from the CDs that were passed out is there as well.  If you were not able to attend the Houston July 2010 learn Hindi event, then please go to the paid subscriber area to access this material.   (The materials for this month’s event covering “Informal Conversation” will be posted in the paid subscriber this week.  Also, we have the date for the next Houston Lunch and Learn event,  Saturday, September 18.  Keep this date free.  We will be finalizing the location, timings, and materials to cover this week, and will announce it soon.

If you live in the Dallas area, then come to the Lunch and Learn Event on September 4, 2010.  We will be covering the Informal Conversation material at that party as well.

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