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Mystery Words Answers

On Tuesday’s podcast, we had a number of mystery words that we challenged you to figure out.  These were not the normal words that you look in the dictionary to find out.  Instead, these were English words written in the Hindi script.  We received three great responses from JohnnyJi, Suresh, and Maree.

1) गेट नंबर

gate number   दरवाजा क्रमाँक

2) जॉश

Josh English Name This name is very similar to the Hindi word जोश which means excitement.  Suresh suggest a synanym for this word:  उत्साह

3) इन्जिनियर

engineer अभियंता  

4) जेसिन

Jason English Name  

5) प्लेन

plane हवाई जहाज़ (m) वायुयान (from Suresh)
(JohnnyJi points out, it could also be ‘plain’ whichi is समतल)

6) टीना

Tina English Name  

7) लिंकन

Lincoln English Name  

8) टीवी

TV दूरदर्शन  

9) टु प्ले

to play खेलना  

10) कॉलेज

college महाविद्यालय विश्वविद्यालय (from Suresh which means University)

11) मून

moon चन्द्रमा / चाँद  

12) स्टार्स

stars तारे  

13) प्लांटिग

planting लगा रहा From the verb लगाना – to plant

14) ट्री

tree  पेड़ वृक्ष (from suresh)
(also it can’t be tea, notice the mark under ट which is a र sound.  Also “three” is not a good choice because that would be written त्री)

15) रिवर

river नदी  

16) बोट

boat नाव, नौका  

17) विल स्विम

will swim तैरूँगा  

18) वॉच

watch घड़ी, देखभाल  

19) हाइकिंग

hiking चढ़ रहा from the verb चढ़ना to hike or climb

20) रेस्ट

rest आराम विश्राम (from Suresh) learn events in Dallas and Houston



New Textbook for Sale:  Namaste Jii by Arun Prakash

Looking for a textbook to learn Hindi?  Namaste Jii by Arun Prakash will teach you the basics of the language from reading and writing and teach you a good working stock of vocabulary and grammar rules that will let you express yourself. (You can see the table of contents on the wiki.) It is 480 pages long with an additional 16 pages for a English to Hindi dictionary.

The book was written as a high school textbook, and it is hardbound.   We are selling it for $25 + shipping and handling for paid subscribers, and $45 for everyone else.  You can find out more at: 


Irregular, Common Verbs

There are 6 verbs in common usage that do not follow the normal pattern for past tense, present tense, and future tense conjugation.  What do I mean?  Well, let me give you an example.  If I were to take the verb खाना which means to eat and turn it into a request, I would say खाहिये.  And if I were to say “I eat.”  I would say, “मैं खाता हूँ।”.  And if were to say, “I ate.”  I would say, “मैंने खाया।”.  And this pattern for खाना as it is the same for most other verbs like गाना (to sing).  But there are 6 verbs that are very common which do not follow one or more of these patterns.  Do you know what they are?  If so, come by the website and leave it as a comment before we record Saturday’s podcast.

Also, come by the site and rate this podcast.  Let us know how we are doing.


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Make sure you are making the most of being a Paid Subscriber.  You can go to the paid subscriber area to download an entire month’s worth of lessons and podcasts.  We have all the way from June 2009-July 2010 (14 months worth of content).  Also, we have some paid subscriber only content which you should take advantage of.  (The content from June 2010 Houston Learn Hindi event – 50 Hindi Words to Get You Started and Learn the Hindi consonants and 25 Hindi word finds.  So check it out..  (If you are not a paid subscriber, Sign Up subscription is only $12 every 4 months.)




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