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Another Word for Water

In our last podcast, we challenged you to come by the website and give us another word for “water”.  You already know पानी.  But there is another one.

JohnnyJi left a comment with a clue:

Can I leave a clue about the other word for water besides “pani”? Recently Suresh did a lesson about a fish nursery rhyme. The word is there & also there was an older podcast about a turtle and a frog :)

Here are the lessons that JohnnyJi refers to:

Lesson 6 from Suresh A Nursery (नर्सरी) Rhyme (कविता )in Hindi (हिंदी)

The Frog in the Well

जल and नीर are the other words for पानी.

Question about pronouns

How many of these pronouns do you know in Hindi?

I, we, you, he, she, they, this, that, these, those, someone, somebody, anyone, no one, anything, nothing, everything, who, what, whom, and one’s self.  (page 93 in Namaste Jii).  Can you use them in sentences?  Are there any other pronouns that you can think of?  Come leave it as a comment on this episode.  We will go over the answers on Tuesday’s podcast.  Everyone that leaves at least one (correct) pronoun will be entered into a $5 Amazon.com gift card drawing.  We will also give a $5 Amazon.con gift card to the one with the best answer (in our opinion).  We will announce the winners on Tuesday’s podcast. Also, come by the website and give this podcast a 1 to 5 star rating this podcast.

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