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Today, I want to bring your attention to two things.  First, we have made a number of improvements to the Vocabulary Master program on the ISpeakHindi.com site.  This provides a great way to practice, master, and track your vocabulary.  Second, we are going to have our monthly learn Hindi even in Houston, Texas on December 18.

Vocabulary Master

You may have noticed the links to “Vocabulary Quiz” and “Vocabulary List” at the top of some of the more recent lessons:


Clicking on the Vocabulary list will give you a page where you can listen to each word one at a time.  And it also has a links to a variety of quizzes that we talked about in a previous episode.


When you log in, you will notice that the number of words that you have “mastered” is displayed at the top of the screen:


One new addition that you will see is a link to “Master 4 More Now” under the listing of your


Try clicking on the Master 4 words now link.

4 Words will be introduced like this:


When you click start, it will quiz you on these 4 words until you master them.

What does it mean to master a word?  You have to get it correct twice from Hindi->English, twice from English->Hindi, twice from the recording to English, and twice from the recording to Hindi.  This means that to master the 4 words requires getting 32 questions correct.  This can probably be done in about 2-3 minutes.


You can see how close you are to mastering these 4 words by looking at the percent complete at the bottom.  

Also, you will get feedback on the previous answer at the top of the screen like this:


Also, if you see some problem or have a suggestion, be sure and submit it by clicking on the button that says “Report an issue/make a suggestion”.

After you finish mastering the 4 words, you will be presented with a screen like this to give you one last chance to review.


When you complete mastering 4 words your name is put on “Master 4 Words Each Day!” page.  You will have to master 4 words each day to stay on this page.

December Learn Hindi Event

The second thing I wanted to tell you about December Learn Hindi event.

Do you live in the Houston, TX area?  Then you should come to the ISpeakHindi.com Learn Hindi with food events.  There will be native Hindi speakers, Hindi teachers, and fellow Hindi students to practice with.  All levels are welcomed.

Each month we focus on a different topic and build on what was learned in previous months.  There is much review, and opportunities to look at both basic and more complex Hindi.  The activities change from month to month which can include role playing, puzzles, games, flashcard drills.  Regardless of what level you are at, you will improve your Hindi skills. 

Time:  1 to 5 PM


Kabab Kahani (21542 Tomball Parkway #2; Houston TX 77070)

Cost:  $30  (includes food, activities, and instruction)


Sign Up  December 18, 2010

We will also have our Learn Hindi products available for sell.

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