Susie Green Interview

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Hero Stone – from Nilgris
more than 300 years old

Lizard1Susie Green is a regular listener who has done interesting work in India.  While you and I might be content to see pictures of Tigers or perhaps visit a zoo, Susie Green goes to the jungles in India. 

Through a program offered by the EIA – Environment Investigation Agency, a  wildlife group working in India, Africa, Europe, and other places, she was able to visit the forests  of Paana.

She has written a book about the Tiger which was published by Reaktion Books as part of a series on animals.  The book explores how the animals are viewed culturally and investigates the animal in different forms in art and literature.

Susie Green has also taken up our challenge to learn 4 words a day.  You should do this too using our “Master 4 Words a Day” tool.  

Books mentioned in the program:

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Lesson 32:जानवर, पक्षी या कीडे कैसी आवाज निकालते हैं या क्या करते हैं? Jaanvar ,pakshi ya keedey kaisee aavaaj nikaaltey hain ya kya kartey hain? What type of sound the animals, birds or insects make or what do they do?

Living Creatures (A First Bilingual Dictionary pg. 45)

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