Learning the Hindi Letters – Lesson 27–आ

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This entry is part 27 of 30 in the series Learn Hindi Letters with Kavitha

This is a continuation of the series covering the very basics of Hindi.  At the bottom of this lesson are links to the previous lessons.

If you are already studying Hindi, it can provide a good review. If you are looking for something more advanced then master 4 words each day in the vocabulary master.


Here are some words where the initial form of the vowel is used. The medial or final form of this vowel is .

Initial Forms:

आ (aa) Come (informal)
आप (aap) You (formal)
आम (aam) Mango
आग (aag) Fire
आज (aaj) Today
आठ (aath) Eight
आए (aaye) Came
आसन (aasan) Seat/chair
आदत (aadat) Habit
आराम (aaraam) Rest

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