India Vs Sri lanka Final match

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I am Shipra Gupta.  I will try to provide you with best learning material. I am from India and I aspire to teach my native language to the people around the world. I belong to the north India region Delhi which has the basic language as Hindi. I also run the website

Today there is a match between India and Sri lanka

Aj bhaarat aur sri lanka ke beech mein match hai

Aaj- today

Aur- and

Beech mein- between


Indians are very excited to see this match

Bhaarat ke log bahut utsaahit hain is match ko dekhne ke lie

Bharat ke log- Indian citizen

Utsaahit- excited

Dekhne ke lie- to see

Bahut- very

Citizen of both the nations are praying for their country to win

Dono deshon ki jantaa jeetne ki prarthnaa kar rahi hai


Deshon- countries

Janta- citizen

Prarthnaa- prayer


To see this match our president Pratibha patil ji is coming and with her Sri Lankan President will also come.

Is Match ko dekhne ke lie humari raashtrapati ji Pratibha patil ji hi padhaar rahi hain. Saath mein sri lanka ke raashtra pati bhi aayenge.

Raashtrapati- president

Padhaar- coming

Saath mein- with / along with


In India some people have taken leave and sitting at home to see the match

Bharat mein kai log to chutti lekar ghar pe match dekhne ke lie baithe hain.

Chutti- leave

Baithe- sitting


Every big and kids have got their fire crakers ready to burn them if india will win they will celebrate it like Diwali .

Sabhi badon aur bacchon ne apne diwali ke patakhe taiyaar kar lie hain ki agar bhaarat ki jeet hui to ghar ghar mein diwali banegi

Sabhi- every

Badon- adult

Bacchon- kids

Taiyaar- ready

Bhaarat- India

Jeet- win

Ghar- home

Diwali- a festival of india

Banegi- will be

It is believed that India will only win as before 28 years on 2ndapril only India won the first world cup and today its again 2nd april.

Aisa maana jar raha hai ki bhaarat ki he jeet hogi kyunki atthais saal pehle bhi do april ko he bhaarat ne pehla vishwa cup jeeta tha aur aj phir do april hai.

Aisa- it

Maana- believed

Atthais- 28

Vishwa- world

Aaj- today



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