Interview with Richard Delacy – Hindi Preceptor at Harvard University

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On Tuesday, I happened to be in Boston, Massachuettes, and I had the opportunity to interview Richard Delacy, Hindi preceptor at Harvard University.  We talked about some of the difficulties and rewards of learning a second language.  I found his insights to be very helpful, and I am sure you will enjoy listening to this interview.

Mr. Delacy has contributed several books and a set of vocabulary flash cards to the Hindi learning community.  His Hindi in a Flash Kit Volume 1 (Tuttle Flash Cards) has previously been reviewed on this site.  (See  Hindi in a Flash product review.)  It is worth giving you an overview of the flashcards again.  There are 448 flashcards of some of the most useful and common Hindi words.  Each word has the Devanagari (Hindi script), a transliteration using English characters to help people that are still learning the script and the meaning.  Which each word, there is also a sample sentence and four related words.  These related words could be synonyms, antonyms, complimentary words, words that sound similar, or some other related word.  If you have not already gotten this set of flash cards, then I definitely recommend it. Hindi in a Flash Kit Volume 1 (Tuttle Flash Cards)

During the interview we also mentioned the following topics that you might want more information on:

Hindi Urdu Flagship Program

Glossaries Alive which inspired the following ISpeakHindi word focus episodes:

word focus: bed – पलंग

word focus: कुर्सी (kursi) – chair

word focus: कमरा room

word focus: घर house

word focus – कहानी

word focus – तबीयत – health

word focus: चिड़िया – Bird

Michigan State University’s blended Hindi Urdu resources


Here are some other books that Richard Delacy has written:
Elementary Hindi

Elementary Hindi Workbook

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Urdu Script

Hindi, Urdu & Bengali: Lonely Planet Phrasebook

Lonely Planet Hindi & Urdu Phrasebook (Lonely Planet Hindi and Urdu Phrasebook)

Read and Write Urdu Script: A Teach Yourself Guide

Lonely Planet World Food India (Lonely Planet World Food Guides)

Hindi, Urdu & Bengali 3th (third) edition Text Only




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