Learn Hindi Daily: खेलना; ता; I do not understand

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Mystery Word From The Last Episode

खेलना – to play

मैं टेनिस खेलना चाहता हूँ। – I want to play tennis. (spoken by a man)

मैं टेनिस खेलना चाहती हूँ। – I want to play tennis. (spoken by a woman)

Check out our November 16, 2010 lesson focused on खेलना (khel-naa) – to play

Daily Symbol and Sounds

ता This is a combination of त + आ.  It is used when conjugating verbs in the present tense for singular masculine subjects:

बोलना – to speak

He speaks.  वह बोलता है।

See the ता part of बोलता colored in red:



आना – to come

He comes. वह आता है।



करना  – to do

He does.  वह करता है।



पीना – to drink

He drinks.  वह पीता है।



ता can be found in other places in Hindi as well.

The word for star, तारा has a ता at the beginning.



The word for father, पिता has a ता at the end.


Also, the word for mother, माता has ता at the end.


Learn the symbol ता and the sound that goes with it today.  Realize that this is a combination of त plus the आ matra, which is represented by the line after त.  See how many words you know that have ता in it.   Try writing “ता” a few times.


Comments and Emails

I got an email from Elizabeth that said:

Your speak Hindi programme is wonderful. Everyday I am spending some time to read and learn new vocabularies. Now I have learnt new words. Really yr service is wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you Elizabeth for your encouraging words.  If you have an encouraging word or a suggestion on how to make ISpeakHindi.com better, email me at Nathan@ISpeakHindi.com or leave a comment on the site.  (We promise not to fill up our lessons with all the positive comments, but we do enjoy reading each and everyone one.  They help to encourage us.)

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Phrase of the Day

Everyday we could learn one phrase.  What phrases do you want to learn?  Email me at nathan@ISpeakHindi.com and we will put it on the list.

Today, let’s learn the phrase “I do not understand.”

मैं नहीं समझता हूँ। (if you are a man)

मैं नहीं समझती हूँ। (if you are a woman)

Mystery Word

Try to understand the mystery word.  Do you know how to write it?  Do you know what it means?  Can you use it in a sentence?  Do you understand the example sentence?  What are some related words?

The Clever Bird

In our previous Learn Hindi show, I challenged you to translate 5 sentences and to construct some sentences of your own.  Let us go over the answers to these now.

1) Nathan said learn Hindi everyday.

नैतन ने कहा कि हर रोज़ हिंदी सीखो।

2) He said that the house is big.

उस ने कहा कि घर बड़ा है।

3) She said the time is 3:30.

उस ने कहा कि समय साढ़े तीन बजे हैं।

4) The mother said that the child does not drink tea.

माता ने कहा कि बच्चा चाय नही पीता है।

5) The teacher said the students study a lot.

शिक्षक ने कहा कि विद्यार्थी बहुत पढ़ते हैं।

Did you come up with some sentences of your own?  Leave them as comments on the website.

Let us look at the Clever Bird story one last time.  This time we will go through it line by line.

(You can go by the  NYU site to see more information about the story at http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/mideast/hindi/stories/bird.html)

(Sonia, Naraindas Jii, and Meena Jii read it in previous shows.)


चतुर चिड़िया

The Clever Bird


एक चिड़िया थी |

There was a bird.


उसका नाम चींची था |

It’s name was Chinchii.


एक दिन की बात है |

It happened one day.


चीची चिड़िया गाय के पास बैठी थी |

The Chiinchii bird was sitting near a cow.


वह दाने चुग-चुग कर खा रही थी |

She was eating seeds.


गाय ने गोबर किया |

The cow pooped.


चिड़िया गोबर में दब गई |

The bird got stuck in the poop.


वह उड़ न सकी |

She could not fly.

उधर से एक कुत्ता आया |

Then came a dog that way.


चिड़िया ने कहा कि भाई कुत्ते मुझे निकाल |

The bird said brother dog, get me out.

कुत्ते ने कहा निकालूँगा तो खा लूँगा |

The dog said I will get you and then I will eat you.

चिड़िया ने कहा कि हाँ खा लेना |

The bird said yes you caneat.

कुत्ते ने चिड़िया को गोबर से बाहर निकाला |

The dog got the bird out of the poop.


अब चिड़िया ने कहा कि मुझे धो तो ले |

Now the bird said wash me.

कुत्ता चिड़िया को नल पर ले गया |

The dog took the bird to the faucet.


वह धोकर उसे चिड़िया को खाने लगा |

He cleaned the bird and wanted to eat it.

चिड़िया ने कहा कि सुखा तो ले |

The bird said you make me dry.

कुत्ते ने चिड़िया को धूप में रख दिया |

The dog kept the bird in the sun.


थोड़ी देर में चिड़िया के पंख सूख गये |

In a little while the bird’s feathers became dry.


वह फुर्र करके उड़ गई |

She flew away.

कुत्ता मुँह देखता रह गया |

The dog kept watching the bird wondering what happened.

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