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Naraindas Jii, Nathan, Meena Jii - recording the Learn Hindi Daily showThere is always time for Hindi.  It doesn’t matter if it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or this week or next month… There will always be time for Hindi.  But how do you say time in Hindi?  What are the days of the week?   When we reveal our mystery word from the last show, it will be just the first step in in talking about time.  Also, we learn the sound and symbol मैं which is the pronoun for “I’”.  Hear some more observations about learning a second language.  We give you another mystery word.  And continue to look at an article from the BBC Hindi website.  There is something here for everyone.

Mystery Word From The Last Episode

First, let us review the mystery word from yesterday’s learn Hindi daily show.

सोमवार (sōm-vār)- Monday

मैं सोमवार को आऊँगा। (maĩ sōm-vār kō āūn-gā) I will come on Monday.  (spoken by a man)

मैं सोमवार को आऊँगी। (maĩ sōm-vār kō āūn-gī) I will come on Monday.  (spoken by a woman)

We have had several episodes on the days of the week and dates.  If you want to see some more examples, check these out:

November 6, 2008 – Days of the week (Hindi Primer – part 22)

August 11, 2008 – 306 – days, months, and seasons (last page)

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Related Words:

Tuesday – मंगलवार (mang-la-vār)

Wednesday – बुधवार (budh-vār)

Thursday – गुरुवार (gu-ru-vār)

Friday – शुक्रवार (śu-kra-vār)

Saturday –  शनिवार (śa-ni-vār)

Sunday – रविवार (ra-vi-vār), इतवार (it-vār)

day – दिन (din)

week – हफ़ता (haf-tā )

month – महीना (ma-hīn)

time – समय (sa-may)


Daily Symbol and Sounds

मैं – म+ऐ+ bindu

This is the word for “I”.  It is one sound that is made of these symbols:


The म part is in black.  The ऐ is in red.  And the bindu is the blue dot.

Try saying and writing this a few times.

Comments and Emails

Cathy left some comments on the Essential Hindi – Hello! It is nice to meet you. which we published way back in August 18, 2007.

i m fairly new to hindi..i m confused about the pronunciation of apna..listening to the audio it sounds like apna with a long a in English but i thought a long a in hindi would be represented by an e..or apna would be pronounced like the a in car or America…maybe i m just confused

my previous comment was not meant as criticism.i think your site is wonderful and i thank you

In that episode, we had the sentence  ”Please take me to my hotel.” – कृपया मुझे अपने होटल में ले चलिये।  (kṛ-pa-yā mu-jhē ap-nē hō-ṭal mē lē ca-li-yē.) (In the recording we said अपने)

अपना is pronounced with a short “a” sound like in the word “America”.  अपना is an interesting word that can substitute for many English words.  It essentially means “one’s own”. If the subject of a sentence is “I” then it means “my own”.

मैं अपनी किताब पढ़ रहा हूँ।  I am reading my own book.  (spoken by a man).

मैं अपनी किताब पढ़ रही हूँ।  I am reading my own book.  (spoken by a woman).

वह आपनी किताब पढ़ रहा है। He is reading his own book.

वह आपनी किताब पढ़ रही है। She is reading her own book.

अपना is an adjective ends in आ.  This आ ending will change for masculine plural nouns to ए and for feminine nouns to ई.  अपना, अपने, अपनी.

Kavitha created an episode on अपना back in November 22, 2009.

Here is another comment we got on the site:

Could you please send me an essay in Hindi on all the four major seasons through e-mail

I get this request from time to time.  I think it might be a common assignment for a Hindi class somewhere.  It would be a good exercise for all of us.  Choose your favorite season and write a short 5-10 sentence paragraph on that season and leave it as a comment to this episode.

Phrase of the Day

मैं हिंदी सीख रहा हूँ। – I am learning Hindi.  (spoken by a man)

मैं हिंदी सीक रही हूँ। – I am learning Hindi. (spoken by a woman)


Thoughts on Language Learning

Here is an interesting quote from the Katherine Russell Rich’s book Dreaming in Hindi (p.54-55) :

To learn a second language, you have to be willing to give your self up, the self encoded in your first one.  You are no longer a person who speaks with facility and authority.  You are less than what you were as a child:  You cannot transact a phone call without help, discuss matters more complex than the color of fruits and vegetables.  You cannot signal who you are.  Most of us, by the time we’re adults, speak in so many words.  We convey information through tone:  I am sad, or I am displeased, or Is it not clear?  I am important.  Our speech acquires layers so that directness, when employed, has power through force rarity:  “I don’t lie what you did.”  But at the beginning in learning a language, you can only be direct.  You can say “Tea is required here,” not “Can I get a cup?” – a vast difference in terms of your popularity.

Mystery Word

Try to understand the mystery word.  Do you know how to write it?  Do you know what it means?  Can you use it in a sentence?  Do you understand the example sentence?  What are some related words?

News Article

Yesterday, we heard Meena Jii read the first part of a news article from BBC Hindi.  Today, we will hear Naraindas Jii read it.  Before we do, let’s look at some English words that are written in Devanagari:

अमरीका – America

कंपनी – company  (see it in a postpositional phrase:  कंपनियों की – companies’)

अमरीकी कंपनियों की – American companies’

यूरोप – Europe

यूरोफ़ाइटर – EuroFighter

बराक ओबामा – Barak Obama

Title: लड़ाकू विमान के सौदे में अमरीका को झटका

भारत ने 126 लड़ाकू विमान ख़रीदने के लिए अमरीका और रूस की कंपनियों की दावेदारी को ख़ारिज करते हुए यूरोप की कंपनियों को शॉर्टलिस्ट किया है.

समाचार एजेंसियों के मुताबिक़ 10 अरब डॉलर से भी ज़्यादा के इस सौदे के लिए यूरोप की कंपनी डेसो और यूरोफ़ाइटर को चुना गया है.

अमरीकी कंपनियों को ठेका ना देने के फ़ैसले की ख़बर उस दिन सामने आई है, जिस दिन भारत में अमरीकी राजदूत टिमोथी रोमर ने पारिवारिक कारणों से अपने पद से इस्तीफ़ा देने की घोषणा की.

इस ठेके के लिए ख़ुद अमरीकी राष्ट्रपति बराक ओबामा ने भी पूरी कोशिश की थी.

Read the rest of the article on the BBC website.

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