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“Do you like it here?” is the phrase to learn today.  Also, if you are just learning your letters, then learn the vowel ए.  Did you get the mystery word from yesterday?  It was something to think about, or rather, it was the word “to think”.  Learn some related words such as knowledge, brain, to learn, to understand.  Do you know the past progressive tense?  We review this today.

Phrase of the Day

Do you like it here?

क्या आपको यहाँ अच्छा लगता है?

(kyā āp-kō ya-hān ac-chā lag-tā hai?)

Hindi Letter and Sound of the Day


ए (ē)

If you have the Hindi Alphabet cards, this is the card you need to focus on today.

IMG_7131 IMG_7132

If you are interested in learning your letters, then I would recommend that you get the Hindi Letter Flashcards.

ए (ē)  has a “independent” or “full” form which you see at the beginning of the work एक (ēk), which means “one”.  See the part that is colored in red


one – एक (ēk)


ए (ē) also has a “dependent” or “matra” form.  This is used in combination with a consonant.  Look at the “slash” on the top of क (k)  in the pictures below.



for – के लिए (kē li-ē) (also written as के लिये (kē li-yē))




please do – कीजिए (kī-ji-ē) (also written as कीजिये (kī-ji-yē))

Mystery Word From Last Episode

सोचना (sōc-nā)- to think

मैं सोच रहा हूँ। (maĩ sōc ra-hā hūn) –  I am thinking.  (man)

मैं सोच रही हूँ। (maĩ sōc ra-hī hūn)  –  I am thinking.  (woman)

Related words:

to understand समझना (sa-majh-nā)

to learn सीखना (sīkh-nā)

thing, matter बात  (bāt)

knowledge जानकारी (jān-kā-rī)

brain – दिमाग (di-māg)

head – सिर (sir)

opinion – राय (rāy)


Mystery Word

Answers from yesterday’s Grammar Exercise:

I am singing.

मैं गा रहा हूँ। (maĩ gā ra-hā hūn.) (spoken by a man)

मैं गा रही हूँ। (maĩ gā ra-hī hūn.) (spoken by a woman)


We are dancing. हम नाच रहे हैं। (ham nāc ra-hē haĩ.)

You are learning.

(formal) आप सीख रहे हैं। (āp sīkh ra-hē haĩ.)

(informal) तुम सीक रहे हो। (tum sīk ra-hē hō.)


He is drinking.  वह पी रहा है। (vah pī ra-hā hai.)


She is laughing.  वह हंस रही है। (vah haṁ-sa ra-hī hai.)


They are working.  वे काम कर रहे हैं। (vē kām kar ra-hē haĩ.)


Daily Grammar Exercise

Today let us look at the past progressive tense.  This is talking about an action that took place in the past over some time.

He was running.

She was working.

This is just like the present progressive, except the helping verbs are the same as the past habitual.

In Hindi you use a form of रहा (ra-hā) to indicate something is happening.   There are three forms of रहा (ra-hā):

रहा (ra-hā) – used with singular, masculine subjects

रहे (ra-hē) – used with plural, masculine subjects

रही (ra-hī)– used with feminine subjects, both singular and plural.

Here are the 4 past tense helping verbs:

था (thā) – masculine, singular subject

थे (thē) – masculine, plural subject

थी (thī) – feminine, singular subject

थीं (thīn) – feminine, plural subject


I was reading.

मैं पढ़ रहा था। (maĩ paṛh ra-hā thā.)  (spoken by a man)

मैं पढ़ रही थी।  (maĩ paṛh ra-hī thī.) (spoken by a woman)


He was running.

वह दौड़ रहा था।  (vah dauṛ ra-hā thā.)


They were eating.

वे खा रहे थे।  (vē khā ra-hē thē.)


She was learning.

वह सीख रही थी। (vah sīkh ra-hī thī.)


Try translating these:

I was singing.

We were dancing.

You were learning.

He was drinking.

She was laughing.

They were working.

We will go over the answers to these in tomorrow show.

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