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Sometimes you have to do something, really, really quick, and you need to say “I will be right back!”… Learn how to say this today.  Also, do you know all of your letters?  Let’s look at the first consonant today क, and if you know it already, see how it is written and typed.  And we answer a question about the difference between using चाहिए and the verb चाहना.


Phrase of the Day

I will be right back!   

man: मैं तुरंत लौट के आऊँगा

woman: मैं तुरंत लौट के आऊँगी।

Sound of the Day


If you have the Hindi Alphabet cards, this is the card you need to focus on today.


If you are interested in learning your letters, then I would recommend that you get the Hindi Letter Flashcards.


You should also try writing it.  If you have HindiGym’s Hindi Alphabet Writing book, then you can practice in there.  (If you are interested in buying this book, it is for sale on ISpeakHindi.com website in the Hindi products section.) 

IMG_8677 IMG_8678

Also, HindiGym has a free downloadable writing page for this letter:

learn hindi letters worksheets for kids

(Writing page for the other Hindi consonants are also available.)


If you are interested in typing this letter, then in the standard Hindi keyboard, it is on the same letter as the English “k”.  See the picture below for a demonstration. 


(Hindi Keyboard stickers available on ISpeakHIndi.com)


एक – one





करना – to do





कहना – to say




कम – less





तक – up to




ऐनक (ai-nak)– eyeglasses



Mystery Word from Last Episode


नौकरी -job, service, work (f)

आपकी नौकरी क्या है?  – What is your job?


New mystery word


Listener Comments and Questions

Mara asks:

I am always so confused about the use of:
मुझे *** चाहिए.
मैं *** चाहती हूँ.
When do I use: mujhe *** chahiye?
And when do I use: main *** chahti hoon?
Can you please explain the difference?

Use मुझे ___  चाहिए। with nouns.  You would use this to say that you want “something”.

Use मैं _____ चाहती हूँ।  with verbs.  You would use this to say you want to “do” something.


मुझे केला चाहिए।  I want a banana.

मैं केला खाना चाहती हूँ।  I want to eat a banana.  (spoken by a woman)

This second sentence changes when spoken by a man.  It becomes:

मैं केला खाना चाहता हूँ। I want to eat a banana. (spoken by a man)

If you have a question about Hindi, please email me at nathan@ISpeakHindi.com or leave a comment on the website.

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