Learn Hindi Daily Show [20110620] – Good Luck!

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Learn the phrase “good luck”, also could be translated as “best wishes”.  We look at the second consonant, ख today, learning how to say it, read it, and even type it.  The mystery word from the last episode is revealed.  And we introduce one of the tongue twisters from Suresh’s tongue twisting lesson. 

Phrase of the Day

Good luck!  

शुभ कामनाएँ

(śubh kām-nā-ēn)


Sound of the Day

If you have the Hindi Alphabet cards, this is the card you need to focus on today.


If you are interested in learning your letters, then I would recommend that you get the Hindi Letter Flashcards.



लिखना (likh-nā) – to write



सीखना (sīkh-nā) – to learn



देखना (dēkh-nā) – to see



रखना (rakh-nā) – to possess



खड़ा (kha-ṛā) – standing



खत (khat) – letter



खजूर (kha-jūr) – date (type of fruit)



खपत (kha-pat) – consumption



भूख (bhūkh) – hunger


There is a tongue twisting sentence with many ख (kha)s in Suresh’s lesson on tongue twisters (हिंदी पाठ संख्या १४९ एक सौ उनचास Hindi lesson No 149 One hundred and forty nine जटिल उच्चारण वाला कथन Jatil uccharan wala kathan statement of intricate pronunciation = Tongue twisters- जीभ मरोडने वाले(Jeebh marodney wale) )

खड़क  सिंघ  के  खड़कने  से   खड़कती हैं खिड़कियाँ, खिडकियों  के खड़कने से खड़कता  है  खड़क सिंघ |

(kha-ṛak  singh  kē  kha-ṛak-nē  sē   kha-ṛak-tī haĩ khi-ṛa-ki-yān, khiḍ-ki-yōn  kē kha-ṛak-nē sē kha-ṛak-tā  hai  kha-ṛak singh |)

You should also try writing it.  If you have HindiGym’s Hindi Alphabet Writing book, then you can practice in there.  (If you are interested in buying this book, it is for sale on ISpeakHindi.com website in the Hindi products section.) 

IMG_8677 IMG_8679

Also, HindiGym has a free downloadable writing page for this letter:

(Writing page for the other Hindi consonants are also available.)


If you are interested in typing this letter, then in the standard Hindi keyboard, it is on the same letter as the English “K” (shift + k).  See the picture below for a demonstration. 


(Hindi Keyboard stickers available on ISpeakHindi.com)


Mystery Word from Last Episode

गला (ga-lā)- throat (m)

मेरे गले में दर्द है।  (mē-rē ga-lē mēn dard hai.) – My throat hurts.  (literally:  Pain is in my throat.)

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