Learn Hindi Daily Show [20110621] – Happy Birthday!

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Learn the phrase “Happy Birthday”.  Learn the letter ग.  See what the mystery word was from the last from the last episode.  And we give you a new mystery word today.

Do you play a musical instrument?  Do you sing?  Do you know someone that does?  I am looking for some music to use for the intro and closing of the show, as well as little musical fillers between sections.  These could be little clips of music that you have already created and recorded.  We will give attribution and links to your site when we use your music.  Email nathan@ISpeakHindi.com to find out more.

Phrase of the Day

Happy birthday!   

जन्मदिन की बधाई हो।


Sound of the Day

If you have the Hindi Alphabet cards, this is the card you need to focus on today.


If you are interested in learning your letters, then I would recommend that you get the Hindi Letter Flashcards.

गरमी – summer

जिगर – liver

रंग – color

देवनागरी – Devanagari (name of the Hindi script)

नगरी (town)

गया – went

You should also try writing it.  If you have HindiGym’s Hindi Alphabet Writing book, then you can practice in there.  (If you are interested in buying this book, it is for sale on ISpeakHindi.com website in the Hindi products section.) 

IMG_8677 IMG_8680

Also, HindiGym has a free downloadable writing page for this letter:

(Writing page for the other Hindi consonants are also available.)


If you are interested in typing this letter, then in the standard Hindi keyboard, it is on the same letter as the English “i” (You can remember this because it is right above the key for क and ख).  See the picture below for a demonstration. 


(Hindi Keyboard stickers available on ISpeakHindi.com)

Mystery Word from Last Episode

जीवन – life (m)

जीवन अच्छा है – life is good

New Mystery word

अगर – if, in case

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मक्की की रोटी ( corn bread)

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