Learn Hindi Daily Show [20110622] – Congratulations!

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We learn the phrase “congratulations”.  Also, we go over the 4th Hindi consonant, घ.  The mystery word from the last episode is revealed.  And we hear a lesson from Suresh.

Phrase of the Day


बधाई हो।


Letter and Sound of the Day

Let us look at words that have घ in them.

At the Beginning
घना – dense
घर (m) – house/home
घड़ी – watch

In the Middle
बाँघरा – bangra – type of Punjabi dance

At the End
बाघ – tiger
माघ – (name of a month on the Hindi calendar)

With other vowels
घुसना – to enter
घोड़ा – horse
घाट – river bank

In the paid subscriber area, you can download the a set of CDs and booklet that goes over the most common consonants.





Mystery Word from Last Episode

उगर – if

उगर आप हिंदी पढ़ते है तो आप सिखेंगे।

If you study Hindi then you will learn.


Something more advanced

At the end of the show, we play a lesson from Suresh.  You can see the notes for that lesson by following the link below. 

हिंदी पाठ संख्या -एक सौ उनचालीस १३९ Hindi paath sankhya ek sau unchaalees Hindi lesson No.139 Hindi lesson no.One hundred and thirty nine प्रबंधन II Management. – Final
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