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As of today, there are over 1,000 lessons on ISpeakHindi.com. They cover all sorts of topics from individual letters, to grammar, to conversation, to culture, and more. They have been produced by a variety of teachers. Most of them have myself with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. And we also have teachers like Suresh, Kavitha, Shipra, Susmita, and others.

Over the past few days, I have received several emails wondering about the “daily” nature of the Learn Hindi Daily Show.  Many of which have expressed personal concern for my wellbeing and health.  Thank you for your concern!  There are a lot of caring people on the earth, and many of them are learning Hindi along with us.  Everything is OK over here.  The fact of the mater is that I went on vacation with my children and neglected to prepare the shows ahead of time, nor to pack the materials that I had planned to use.  When we get back in about two weeks, I will strive to keep the “daily” show going daily.

Until then, I do not want you to miss out on your Hindi studies.  In order to make progress with Hindi learning, you should learn a little Hindi each and every day.  One way you can do this is to Master 4 Words a Day.  Learn more a about this here: http://www.ispeakhindi.com/master-4-words-each-day/

Also, each of the next few days, I will be sending out an email that will not contain a new lesson nor the “Learn Hindi Daily Show”.  But will contain a listing of several lessons around a theme.  Today it is “highest rated lessons”.  At the top of the lessons, there is a place to give it a 1 to 5 star rating.  These lessons below have only received 5 star ratings.  Is there a lesson that you particularly like that should be on the list?  Email the link to it and why you like it to nathan @ISpeakHindi.com so that we can feature it.

Lesson 6 from Suresh

Published July 2, 2010; created by Suresh; Received 10 votes of 5 stars each.  This covers the मछली  जल  की  रानी  है | (Fish is the Queen of Water) nursery Rhyme.

मक्की की रोटी ( corn bread)

Published February 15, 2010; Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas.  Received 8 votes of 5 stars each.  This is a short story about corn bread.

word focus: कुर्सी (kursi) – chair

Published June 3, 2010; Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas.  Received 8 votes of 5 stars each.  Focuses on using the word कुर्सी (kursi) (f) chair

Cheeni Kum – song explained

Published December 17, 2007; Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas;  Received 7 votes of 5 stars each.  Explains the song “Cheeni Kum”  (less sugar)  from the movie of the same name.

#252 – Do you speak Hindi?

Published June 18, 2008; Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas;  Received 7 votes of 5 stars each.  Teaches some phrases related to the phrase of “Do you speak Hindi?”

#281 – actions (verbs) pg. 24

Published July 17, 2008; Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas;  Received 7 votes of 5 stars each.  Covers some “action verbs” such as to eat, to drink, to sit, etc.

getting to Know – Part III:

Published January 1, 2010; Created by Nathan and my wife Sonia.  (My wife has appeared in several of the shows.  Take a listen to this one, and give positive comments and maybe we can get her on more of the lessons.)  This one covers basic phrases to ask to get to know someone.  “What do you do?”  “Where do you live?”  That sort of thing.

Listener comments

Published February 18, 2010; Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas.  Covers some questions that our listeners had.  Actually, I am not sure why this got a better rating than some other shows.  Leave a comment and give me an idea.

#257 – How much is that?

Published June 23, 2008; Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas.  Phrases related to shopping.  Specifically:  “How mush is that?”  And some related responses.

Letter focus – ठ

Published April 16, 2009;  Created by Nathan, Meena, and Naraindas.  Focuses on understanding this one letter.


If there is a particular lesson that you like, please give it a 5 star rating, and email me about it at nathan@ISpeakHindi.com
















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