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Yesterday we looked at the highest rating lessons.  Today, we look at the highest scoring lessons.  What’s the difference?  The highest rating lessons just looks at the average rating.  The highest scoring is combination of the rating and the number of people rating it.

Essential Hindi – Hello! It is nice to meet you.

Published August 18, 2007.  Produced by Meena, Naraindas, and myself.  This episode got 80 votes with a rating of 4.18 out of 5.  It covers some very basic lessons.

Essential Hindi #001 – Hello and Goodbye

Published June 27, 2007.  This is one of the first lessons that we published on ISpeakHindi.com.   It has myself, Meena, and Naraindas.  Covers very basic words and phrases.  This got 45 votes with an average of 4.69.

Essential Hindi: Standard Greeting. Meeting People.

published August 21, 2007.  Created by myself, Meena, and Naraindas.  Also covers basic words and phrases.  It got 44 votes with an average rating of 4.45.

#264 – Hindi sounds (part 1)

published June 30, 2008.  Created by myself, Meena and Naraindas.  Covers the the basic Hindi sounds and letters.  It got 50 votes with an average of 3.88.

#273 – numbers 1-50 – pg. 17

published July 9, 2008.  Created by myself, Meena, and Naraindas.  Covers the number 1-50.  It received 33 votes averaging 4.79.

Hello/Greetings – नमस्ते (na-ma-ste)

Published July 22, 2009.  Covers this one, very basic word: na-ma-ste.  If you are looking for the very first thing to learn in Hindi, this would be it.  It received 31 votes with an average of 4.35.

Tomato Chutney – टमाटर की चटनी

Published February 3, 2009.  Want to read a recipe in Hindi.  Here is one for tomato chutney.  It was created by Meena, Naraindas, and Nathan.  It got 33 votes with an average of 3.73.

Parts of the body (part 1)

Published February 22, 2008.  Covers some of the basic body parts (ears, head, eyes, nose) in some basic sentences.  It got 26 votes and averaged 4.46.

Past Tense without ne

Published September 7, 2009.  Created by Susmita.  Covers the past tense with intransitive verbs.  The past tense in Hindi can be a little tricky, because the structure of the sentence completely changes depending on if the verb is transitive or intransitive.  Susmita’s lesson on this can help you understand it.  This lesson got 25 votes with an average of 4.36.

Past Tense with ne

Published on September 6, 2009.  Created by Susmita.  Goes over the other half of the past tense grammar.  Here you learn how to create the past tense with transitive verbs.  This got 22 votes with an average of 4.64.

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