Learn Hindi Daily Show – Lessons from 2010 that are not rated

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Could you take a moment and look at one of the lessons below.  These are lessons that have not been rated.  Perhaps you haven’t seen them?  Could you take a moment to give one or more of them a 1 to 5 star rating?  Help us know what you think about them.

(All of the other lessons from 2010 do have ratings!)

राजा सत्य हरिश्चन्द्र – Raja Satya Harishchandra (Suresh – lesson 15)

Published August 4, 2010


How much Hindi do you know? (English->Hindi)

Published October 21, 2010.


Vocabulary Master

Published November 4, 2010


Hindi Lesson 33: FINANCIAL(वित्तीय )TERMINOLOGY(शब्दावली).

Published November 20, 2010



Published November 26, 2010.



Vocabulary Master & Learn Hindi in Person

Published November 29, 2010



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