Learn Hindi Daily Show [20110717] – Suresh’s lesson 166

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Suresh sent me a English-Hindi Dictionary to share with you: http://iSpeakHindi.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07_july/eng-hin-2col.pdf

Also, a correction to yesterday’s phrase of the day.  There was a typo with श being used instead of स.

सकना means “to be able”/can, and the phrases were pronounced correctly, but should have been written as:

[spoken to a man] क्या आप इसे दोहरा सकते हैं? (kyā āp i-sē dōh-rā sak-tē haĩ?)

[spoken to a woman] क्या आप इसे दोहरा सकती हैं? (kyā āp i-sē dōh-rā sak-tī haĩ?)

I also got an email mentioning that फिर बोलिये। and फिर से कहिये। are other phrases that can be used to say “Please repeat it.”

Now, I would like to share with you Suresh’s lesson # 166.  You can see the notes through the link below.

हिंदी पाठ संख्या एक सौ छियासठ (१६६) , Hindi Paath sankya ek sau chiyasath Hindi lesson number one hundred and sixty six (166) तीन अक्षरों के शब्द (teen aksharon kay shabd ) three letter words(of course without Maatra)


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I would like to thank Reena Shah from the band My Pet Dragon for letting me use clips for their song Dragon Breath.   You can find out more information about the band at www.reverbnation.com/mypetdragon and you can buy the song from www.dancingreena.com/musicstore.

The clips used at the beginning, end and as transitional pieces are from:

Dragon Breath
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Published by Dragon’s Lair (ASCAP)
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